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Hey, it's me, Lisa! I can't wait to meet you in NEW JERSEY!!! By the way, you do NOT need to buy books to come say hi, and I'll be happy to sign any HG books you already own, so bring 'em along. SEE YOU SOON! XOXOXO


Snacks and goodies at this event include...

HG recipe samples * Popchips * Mini VitaCakes * Hershey's Simple Pleasures * Flatout Light Flatbreads * Bai5 drinks * Funky Monkey Snacks * Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps * StarKist Tuna Pouches * Mini Babybel Light cheeses * TUMS Freshers

Prizes at this event include...

* A year's supply of VitaTops * HG t-shirts * A case of Tofu Shirataki noodles * HG hats * HG charm bracelets * Fun surprises!!!

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