Weight vs. Quantity? Plus Dude Food from HG!

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Hungry Girl,

Is it more accurate to count out a portion size (such as 17 crackers) or to weigh it instead? I've found that these two amounts rarely match up. What gives?

Measurin' Meagan

Hi Meagan,

I love this question, and I hate when the weight and the quantity of a food's serving size are contradictory. Here's the deal: The weight is almost always the most accurate. This is especially true of foods that have a lot of pieces per serving, like bite-sized crackers and mini cookies. If you read labels carefully, you'll see that many products, like Popchips and Guiltless Gourmet Tortilla Chips, own up to the fact that a serving consists of "about" X number of chips, pieces, etc. Keyword being "about!" The weight -- which is sometimes given in grams instead of ounces -- is more exact. Other snack packages might give a precise quantity, but if you're skeptical, weigh a serving and see how it compares to the weight given on the package. By the way, for those of you who don't have a kitchen scale, try this little trick: Say you have a 5-oz. bag of treats, and the given weight of each serving is 1 ounce or 28 grams. (That's five servings per bag.) Open that bag and start counting! If there are 30 treats inside, each serving is 6 pieces... even if the bag says a serving is 8 pieces. One more thing: Big-name brands are more likely to be accurate in their estimates, while mom 'n pop companies can be less reliable. Hope this helps -- thanks for emailing!


Hi, HG!

My boyfriend eats all the cheesy, greasy, fried deliciousness he can get his hands on, and he never gains a pound (of course). I'm moving in with him and couldn't be happier, but there is NO WAY I can handle that kind of craziness in the kitchen without caving! What are some great guy-friendly swaps I can make during the week that won't trash my diet? Thanks!

Live-in Lindz

Hi, Lindz!

Good news: You don't have to purchase a deep fryer and develop impenetrable willpower in order to make manly meals and keep your own calorie intake in check. There are many recipes in the HG arsenal for exactly this type of situation. Here are some recipes for "dude food" that can be found right here on the HG website...

Funkadelic Chili Mac - Chili + pasta + cheese = happiness all around!

Super-Cheesy Crazy-EZ Shepherd's Pie - Not only is this tater-topped pie something your guy (and you) will flip for, but it couldn't be easier to make. Three ingredients!

Jalapeno Swappers - Make these on football Sunday, and he just might give in and watch Sex and the City reruns with you instead of the game. Okay, maybe not. But he'll definitely love the poppers...

Plate-Lickin'-Good Chicken & Waffles - Ummm... It's CHICKEN and WAFFLES. Need I say more?

Nacho-rific Stuffed Chicken - This is cheesy, crunchy, beany goodness at its finest. The recipe feeds four, but don't tell him that -- he might invite the boys over and ruin an otherwise romantic dinner...

Crispity Crunchity Drumsticks - This KFC swap will secure your position in the Girlfriend Hall of Fame... assuming there is such a thing.

Sloppy Janes - Okay, so the name itself isn't so manly. But these saucy, meaty sandwiches will please any hungry man. Promise!

Happy chewing!

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