Turkey Burger Shockers & Season 2 Show Details!

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Hi Hungry Girl,

Can you explain to me why the Turkey Burger at Ruby Tuesday has to have 700 calories and nearly 40 grams of fat? I ordered this for dinner the other night thinking I made a smart choice, and then (silly me!) looked at the stats online. I was appalled and very upset by what I found. What gives?

Troubled by Turkey Burgers

Hi Troubled,

I agree with you -- restaurant turkey burgers can be really deceptive. It's actually pretty common. Even though turkey burger patties are often reasonable in terms of fat and calories, there are a lot of other factors that can cause a turkey burger's stats to skyrocket. Besides the patty itself, things like cooking oil, fatty toppings, and oversized (sometimes buttered) buns all play a role. Take the regular Turkey Burger at Carl's Jr., for example, which has 490 calories and 23 grams of fat. The mayo alone is responsible for 109 calories and 13 grams of fat. ICK! Luckily, I've got some tips and tricks for reducing the fat and calorie counts of any restaurant turkey burger...

For condiments, stick with mustard and ketchup. A little hot sauce can be good too. Things you want to watch out for? Mayo, aioli, guacamole, and other creamy sauces.

Stick with fresh veggie toppings for the most part. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions... all great and delicious. Pickle chips and jalapeño slices are also fun guilt-free toppers. Keep calorie and fat counts in check by avoiding cheese, bacon, and any veggies that are fried, oily, or buttery.

Go topless... with your burger bun, that is! Chances are, you'll save at least 100 calories that way. Also ask if the bun typically comes buttered -- if it does, request it dry. And if you really want to slash the calorie count, ditch the burger roll altogether in favor of a lettuce leaf "bun" or bed of shredded lettuce.

Watch out for excess oil. If your patty arrives looking extra-greasy, they may have prepared it with too much cooking oil. Just blot it with a napkin to soak up some of that oil.

There you go! By the way, if you want to make a decadent turkey burger at home, check out this swap for a Ruby Tuesday Swiss-topped turkey burger, this Tremendous Top-Shelf Turkey Burger, and these Unique Greek Turkey Burgers. Mmmmm!

Hi HG,

I am SO EXCITED that you're officially coming to Food Network! Like so many of your loyal fans, I don't get Cooking Channel, so this is HUGE news. I'm counting down the days until the premiere! What can we expect in season 2 of Hungry Girl?

Hungry Fan

Hi Hungry Fan,

I'm counting down too... 11 days to be exact! Season 2 of Hungry Girl premieres Sunday, August 7th, at 10am/9c on Food Network, so tune in, set your DVR, stick a note to your TV screen... Whatever works for you! I had so much fun filming this season. I know you will LOOOOVE it. First of all, there are 16 episodes! That's THREE more episodes than last season. There's a BRAND-NEW SET. The first season's set was cool, but the new set is AMAZING and BRIGHT and ADORABLE! There are also some VERY COOL special guests this season. (You'll have to tune in to find out who!) And there are more survival guides (from a sandwich shop to a Chinese restaurant), trips to the supermarket (I'll show you where to find my top ingredients and ready-made essentials), and fun secret finds. The first episode, "Under 200," features recipes for snacks, mini meals, and dessert, plus a slew of market finds, each with under 200 calories per serving! Wanna know some other episode themes? OK! There's "Date Night," "Movie Night," "GINORMOUS," "Under Five Minutes," and so many more. While you're waiting for August 7th to roll around, tune in for last season's "Rise and... Dine!" episode, airing THIS Sunday (7/31) at 10am/9c on Food Network. Happy viewing!!!

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