The Egg Lowdown, and Summer-Style Veggie Ideas!

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Dear HG,

Why do most of your recipes with an eggy ingredient call for egg substitute, while others require regular eggs?

Egg-ceptionally Curious

Hi Egg-ceptionally Curious,

Ah, good question! In recipes like those, we typically do use fat-free liquid egg substitute, like Egg Beaters Original. That's because it has far fewer calories and less fat than regular eggs. Half a cup of fat-free liquid egg substitute (the equivalent of 2 large eggs) has about 60 calories and 0g fat. Two large eggs have around 150 calories and 10g fat, plus 120 percent of the Daily Value for cholesterol!

Egg substitute works really well in baked goods, breakfast scrambles, French toast, and more. The taste and texture are very similar to regular eggs, which is not surprising, since egg substitute is generally just egg whites with a few added nutrients. Sometimes, though, there's no replacing the real thing -- like when you want a whole egg cooked in a skillet with a runny yolk. For those times, we trim the fat and calories in other ways and stick with just one egg. Here are some (delicious!) examples: our Cheesy Egg in a Hole, Huevo Ranchero Por Uno, and In Your Face! Breakfast Waffle! In dishes like these, we enjoy our eggs over medium... 

By the way, you can use egg whites instead of egg substitute in HG recipes. Click here for info on that. And if you want to bake with egg substitute in other recipes that call for regular whole eggs, just use 1/4 cup egg sub in place of each egg. That's everything you need to know in a nutshell... Or should I say eggshell? (Tee-hee!)  

Dear HG,

I'm good about eating my veggies in the colder months... I like them steamed, roasted, or baked. But I'm not really sure what to do with 'em in summer when I'm not in the mood for hot vegetables. Any ideas for chilled snacks or sides that are more interesting than plain celery sticks?

Veggin' Out

Hi Veggin' Out,

I hear you. Hot vegetables on a hot day aren't exactly refreshing. Luckily, there are loads of delicious ways to munch on cold veggies... Check 'em out!

Expand Your Veggie Horizons - Celery sticks are fine, but there are far more exciting finds in the produce aisle that can be snacked on raw. I love jicama, sugar snap peas, red bell peppers, grape tomatoes (technically fruits, I know!), and baby carrots. Click here for picks and a fun veggie dip recipe!

Grill 'n Chill - Cold veggies don't have to be raw. Grilling or roasting vegetables really brings out the flavor, and chilling 'em means they'll be refreshing too. Here's an incredible platter you can keep in your fridge and snack on all week long: my Mostly Roasted Veggie Explosion! Those roasted vegetables would also be great cooked on a grill or in a grill pan.

Dip It Good - One great way to make plain veggies more enticing is to dip them in something delicious! For store-bought finds, I love salsa (any kind!), Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus with Greek Yogurt (it has 50 percent less fat than traditional hummus), and Vivi's Original Sauce Carnival Mustards (request 'em!). And click here for a roundup of incredible HG dip recipes... The Buff Chick Hot Wing Dip is beyond-words amazing!

Quickie Sunomono Salad - This one is so easy, and it's one of my FAVORITE snacks in the world. Just toss some thinly sliced seedless cucumbers with seasoned rice vinegar. It's unbelievably good! Click here for more deets, and check out the two-ingredient dip just below it for another summery veggie serving suggestion!

Against the Slaw - I'm obsessed with scoopable salads made with broccoli cole slaw. This Crunchy Sassy Chinese Slaw is an HG classic, and the Tangy Tex-Mex Slaw is a recent standout. For a two-ingredient fix, just mix some broccoli slaw with pico de gallo -- refrigerate for an hour, and then drain. And for a three-ingredient recipe, check out this Easy-Beany Italian Slaw!

Now there's no excuse to skip your veggies this summer! Why would you want to when they can taste this good?

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