Healthy Fried-Food Recipes, Faux-Frying with High-Fiber Cereal

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Hey HG,

I love the idea of faux-frying with Fiber One, but I have a sensitivity to aspartame and sucralose. Is there another cereal that will work?

Dyin' to Get Faux-Fryin'

Hungry Girl’s Fried-Food Makeovers

Hi Dyin' to Get Faux-Fryin',

Thanks for your email! HG faux-fry recipes -- a.k.a. fried-food makeovers that are baked and usually feature crumbs made from Fiber One cereal -- are super popular. But F1 does contain sucralose, and some people aren't comfortable with that. Luckily, there's an alternative that'll work well in HG recipes.

All-Bran Original is made without artificial sweeteners. But I'll be honest -- I didn't think it would work nearly as well as Fiber One. The taste and texture are completely different. (And I really love Fiber One's taste and texture!) But I decided to give it a shot. So we whipped up a couple of faux-frys using All-Bran in our test kitchen, and the results were really fantastic! The All-Bran crumbs didn't go quite as far as the F1 crumbs, so you may want to crush up a little extra.

I still prefer Fiber One Original bran cereal because of its taste and the ridiculously impressive calorie and fiber counts: Half a cup has just 60 calories and a whopping 14 grams of fiber. The same amount of All-Bran has an extra 20 calories and 4 fewer grams of fiber -- still impressive! And since many of the faux-fry recipes call for 1/4 cup cereal or less per serving, the recipe stats won't change that much.

By the way, if you prefer egg whites to fat-free liquid egg substitute (the other key ingredient in HG faux-frys), those work too in some cases, like faux-fried chicken. Click here for all the need-to-know info on egg swapping.

For lots of faux-frying tips, click here. And check out this mega recipe roundup, featuring swaps for chicken Parm, onion rings, and more!

Happy crunching...

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