Healthy Salsa Recipes and Snack Ideas

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Dear HG,

I looove salsa, and I recently got a gift basket with a bunch of jars. What are some things I can do with all this salsa, besides pair it with chips?

Salsa-fy Me

Hi Salsa-fy Me,

Like you, I'm a salsa fanatic. It's full of flavor, low in calories, and practically fat-free. I could enjoy it morning, noon, and night (and I have), so I've got loads of ideas for you...

Healthy Salsa Recipes Salad-dressing swap. I love using salsa as a salad topper. In fact, when I'm at restaurants, I often request it instead of dressing. At home, it's perfect on Mexican-style salads like this Turkey Taco Salad. Try it on lots of different salads, with or without dressing: chicken, roasted veggie, kale... Whatever!

Egg topper. In the a.m., I top off my egg mugs and omelettes with salsa. It adds flavor, and I find it makes my morning meal more satisfying. But don't stop there... Use salsa to whip up an egg-based b-fast pizza or even waffle tacos! And eggs aren't limited to breakfast -- for a snack, fill hard-boiled egg whites with salsa. Mmmm...

Tuna mix-in. One of the easiest ways to zazzle up plain tuna is to stir in a little salsa. You can eat that alone, spoon it over a salad, roll it up in a wrap, or turn it into a sandwich. And for an awesome snack, top off rice cakes with a salsa-tuna mixture -- great for a midday pick-me-up. You can store salsa in your workplace fridge, and keep the rice cakes in your desk with shelf-stable tuna pouches.

With chicken. Skinless chicken breast is super healthy, but it can seem a little ho-hum if you don't change things up occasionally. That's why I like to stuff chicken breasts with different fillings, and salsa's a great ingredient -- it brings a much-needed dose of zesty flavor! Use it to top off this Fajita-Stuffed Chicken, or mix it with a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light cheese for this three-ingredient rollup. It's also tasty combined with chicken, like in these Exploding Chicken Taquitos.

Sauce swap or dip starter. Serve salsa over spaghetti squash for a Mexican-style marinara alternative! Or throw together an easy dip by mixing equal parts salsa and fat-free plain Greek yogurt. It's also delicious mixed with fat-free refried beans or that Laughing Cow cheese I mentioned. Yum!

With chip alternatives. We all know salsa makes an incredible stand-alone dip, but why limit it to chips? Dip steamed artichoke leaves, baby carrots, or jicama sticks in salsa. It's a fantastic way to take ordinary veggies to the next level of snackdom.

Spiffed-up salsa base. Last but not least, put a super-special spin on plain salsa. Add black beans and corn kernels for a Southwestern take. Stir in diced apple, whole blueberries, or chopped peaches for a fruity version. And for a Greek-inspired salsa, add chopped black olives and crumbled reduced-fat feta cheese. Ahhhhh, so good!

This should get you through those jars in no time... Enjoy!

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