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Hi Hungry Girl,

I started the Hungry Girl Diet a week ago, and I've already lost four pounds! I love the diet, but I do best when I can connect with others on the same plan. Is there any place I can get some support from fellow dieters?

Leeya in Louisiana

Hey Leeya,

The Hungry Girl Diet Community on Calorie Count

Congrats on the weight loss so far! Teaming up with others is a fantastic way to stay motivated on a diet. On the book tour for The Hungry Girl Diet, I met fans who had started group challenges at work, plus pals who took turns having HG-diet-friendly dinner parties. FUN! And not too long ago, I teamed up with my friends at Calorie Count to provide an online community for anyone on the Hungry Girl Diet. It's an amazing companion to the diet book. You can not only connect with others, but also log EVERY HG diet meal and snack in just a couple of clicks! Here's more need-to-know info about The Hungry Girl Diet Community...

Sign Up and Join Up - If you aren’t already a member of Calorie Count, sign up for a free account. Then join the community of HG dieters... There are hundreds already!

Peruse the Foods, and Start Tracking - Names and nutritional info for the HG diet meals and snacks are conveniently located in one place. (Some standard snacks, like fruits and veggies, can be found in the main Calorie Count database.) Follow the plan laid out in the book, and use the food listings to keep track of what you've eaten in the food log. You can also search for these items in the main Calorie Count database... They're all there! To add these items to your food log, just choose the meal (breakfast, lunch, etc.), and click "Add to Log."

Get Friendly in the Forums - These forums are where you can get to know your fellow dieters. Introduce yourself in the first forum, and then check out the other boards. Questions & Answers is a good place to get advice and to help out others. If you need support (or want to help someone else that might be struggling), head over to the Support Station board. When you discover something that works for you, share it in the Tips & Tricks! section. And when you have something to celebrate (anything from your week-1 weigh-in to continued success on the plan), post about it in the Success Stories area -- this is a good place to find motivation as well.

More HG Diet Support! Follow the lead of those fans I mentioned: Start a diet challenge at work or a diet group with friends! I also met couples on the tour who were following the plan together. (The Hungry Girl Diet's not just for girls!) Looking for some assistance with meal planning and grocery shopping? Definitely check out The Hungry Girl Diet App (for iPhone and Android)! Another super-helpful companion to the diet book.

There you have it! Hope to see your success story in the forums soon ;)

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