What HG Lisa Eats Daily

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Hi Hungry Girl,

I love your daily emails! I was wondering... What do you, Lisa, typically eat in a day?

Curious Cathy

Hi Curious Cathy,

I love to eat, and I'm not afraid to CHEW and TELL! Ever since developing and testing the Hungry Girl Diet, I've added a lot of those meals into my regular rotation. They're so easy, delicious, and satisfying. Here's more info on what I eat day to day...

Hungry Girl Lisa's Daily Diet A.M. I love a big bowl of fat-free Greek yogurt with fruit and a little high-fiber cereal. I stir cinnamon and a no-calorie sweetener packet into the yogurt. It's the best! Another breakfast I enjoy often is a growing oatmeal bowl -- huge and SO filling. And I eat egg mugs (low-fat egg scrambles made in the microwave) a few times per week as well. These are diet-plan staples, and they ROCK. Click for tons of additional info on 'em.

Midday meal. This one really depends on what is happening in the HG test kitchen. If we're trying recipes (a.k.a. eating LOTS of things!) all day, I'll sometimes skip lunch. Today, for example, I taste-tested pineapple chicken, apple-walnut muffins, and TWO grilled cheese recipes. (Look for those next month!) If we're not testing a lot, I like broth-based soup and a big salad with grilled chicken. There's a local place that makes the best soup with chunks of veggies. Yum...

Dinner. When I'm out to eat, I'm usually having sushi. At my favorite place, I get sunomono salad (cucumbers with rice vinegar), sushi (light on the rice), soup (with eggplant and shrimp, like this!), and sashimi (fish without rice). I'm sushi obsessed! Another go-to option when I'm out to dinner is a petite filet with a double side of grilled or steamed veggies. I can also be found sticking my fork into a dessert every now and then! When I'm at home, Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo with chicken or shrimp is a staple. I also like to make pasta fake-out dishes with broccoli cole slaw, marinara, and some protein... like this Shrimp 'n Slaw Marinara. My most recent fascination is with something called a Sloppy Jane Stir-Fry... That one can only be found in The Hungry Girl Diet, and it's insanely good!

Snacks. I'm a BIG snacker. I keep snacks around at all times, both when I'm at home and when I'm on the go. One of my top picks? Quest Bars! I always carry these delicious protein-'n-fiber-packed things around in my purse! Other favorites? Fuji apples, oranges, mangoes, 100-calorie packs of almonds, and turkey breast slices (not all at once!). I also like jerky, especially the kind by Simply Snackin. And sometimes I'll have a pouch of StarKist tuna as a snack... Just give me a fork, and I'm good to go!

There you have it... Thanks for checking in!

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Today, July 30th, is National Cheesecake Day. Time for HG's Too-Good Turtle Cheesecake!

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