Diet-Friendly Meatless Recipes

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Hungry Girl,

Love your site! I don't eat meat, so I'm always happy when I see meatless recipes. Is there one place I can find lots of these?

Veggie Lover in Ventura

Hi Veggie Lover,

Hungry Girl’s Guilt-Free Meatless Recipes

Glad that you love the site. (I do, too!) While I'm a TOTAL meat eater, I do love a good meat-free recipe. Here's a roundup of some of my favorites, just for you! (OK, for everyone else reading this too.)

Breakfast. A lot of our protein-packed breakfasts are veggie friendly, like this Mixed-Veggie Soyrizo Scramble and this Cheesy Veggie-Boosted B-fast Sandwich. And don't miss this swap for an IHOP veggie-loaded breakfast melt. Most of our egg-mug recipes are meat-free as well, and they ROCK. (So easy!)

Burgers. Burger-loving herbivores will enjoy this Big Mac makeover (using portabella mushroom caps) and these Cheeseburger Tostadas (featuring a veggie patty). Looking to make patties from scratch? Try these Bean 'n Veggie PattyCakes. Seriously good stuff!

Chili, casseroles, and more comfort food. If you're looking for some soul-warming comfort food, I suggest a big bowl of guilt-free mac 'n cheese (this one is packed with roasted veggies) or this biscuit-topped chili dish. If you're looking for pasta, try this Meaty Cheesy Rollatini (no meat! no noodles!) or this Veggie-Loaded Spaghetti Amore. I'm also a fan of these Mega Baked Veggie Samosas.

Chinese food and stir-frys. My Veggie So Low Mein is one of the most popular HG recipes ever. Also great are these veggie-packed lettuce wraps. If you're fond of tofu, you'll love this Turbo Tofu Stir-Fry (the sauce is soooo good). Plus, we've got the Awesome Eggplant Stir-Fry recipe that will blow your mind.

Mexican meals. There are lots of great HG recipes for no-meat Mexi-licious goodies! Check out these Mega-Meaty Meatless Tacos, 'Bella Asada Fajitas, and Two-Cheese Taquitos. BTW, you can use ground-beef-style soy crumbles in any recipe that calls for ground beef or ground turkey. For more info on how to make this swap, click here.

Snacks 'n Sides. There are so many veggie-friendly options for snacks and sides, like these vegetable skewers from last summer. (Is it grill time yet? Break out a grill pan in the meantime!) I also love these five-ingredient stuffed peppers. And make sure you try this potato 'n turnip swap for scalloped potatoes. Yum!

Bonus: Meatless Swaps! Portabella mushrooms are surprisingly meaty and make a great alternative to beef. Boca burgers and the ground-beef-style crumbles I mentioned earlier are also excellent! Click on those links for more recipes and ideas.

Another Bonus: Meatless Icons and Recipe Listing in HG TO THE MAX! There are around 400 veggie-friendly recipes in HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX!, and every single one is clearly marked with a no-meat symbol. Plus, there's a chapter-by-chapter listing of the meat-free recipes in the back of the book. AWESOME.

Enjoy the recipes!!!

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