Top Questions (and Answers) About The Hungry Girl Diet

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Dear HG,

Does your diet plan fit into the Weight Watchers plan? Just curious...

Ashanti’s Askin'

Hi Ashanti,

Top Questions (and Answers) About The Hungry Girl Diet

Great question! In fact, it's one of the most common questions I've been getting about The Hungry Girl Diet. Here's the deal... While the plan is not affiliated with (or endorsed by) any other diets, the Hungry Girl Diet plan provides many options, so you can choose foods that help you stay at or below a specified daily target. And since many diets (like Weight Watchers) also offer flexibility, you can easily determine how to fit the Hungry Girl plan into other programs. I'm a big supporter of Weight Watchers, and I know many Hungry Girl fans are as well!

In addition to this question, there have been a bunch of others about the plan that I've received over and over again. So I thought I'd take this chance to answer them!

Q: When following the Hungry Girl Diet, can I incorporate recipes from the daily emails and HG cookbooks?

A: The recipes in the book were specially developed for the four-week jump-start plan. They contain key ratios of nutrients like carbs, protein, and fiber. Other HG recipes won't necessarily work on the plan, so stick with the meals and snacks in the book. You can (and should!), however, incorporate recipes from the Hungry Girl emails and cookbooks into your continued weight loss and maintenance after the four-week plan.

BONUS: We've recently developed some additional HG diet recipes that can be used while following the diet plan! Check out our Chicken 'n Cheesy Mashies and Mexican Taco Soup. And click here for eight more diet recipes: growing oatmeal bowls, noodle dishes, crunchy snacks, and tuna treats! (You can have the snacks at any point during the four weeks, and the meals can be incorporated beginning in Week 2.)

Q: Why do the oatmeal bowls call for skim milk and not almond milk?

A: Since the diet offers mix-n-match meal options that are similarly balanced, the oatmeal b-fasts need to have as much protein as the other morning meals. And fat-free dairy milk is a better source of protein than most milk substitutes. If you're lactose intolerant, your best bet is a lactose-free dairy option like Lactaid Fat Free Milk. The runner-up: a nonfat milk swap that's relatively high in protein, like 8th Continent Light Original Soymilk.

Q: Do I have to buy a lot of specialty food items to follow the diet? They can be pricey, and I can't always find those types of products where I live.

A: Nope! The Hungry Girl Diet focuses on natural foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. You should be able to find most ingredients at any grocery store. And since this isn't a one-meal-plan-fits-all diet, you can always choose meals and snacks based on what is available, in season, and on sale.

Q: Several of the meals and snacks include almonds or pistachios, but I'm not a fan of nuts. Is there anything I can substitute?

A: A lot of you have been asking this! So we did the math and came up with some great substitutes. Each 1/4 oz. nuts can be swapped out for 1 oz. avocado (about 2 tbsp. mashed or chopped) or 1 tsp. olive oil or grapeseed oil. Both are great on salads, and the avocado is fantastic on sandwiches. A tablespoon of light whipped butter or light buttery spread can also be substituted occasionally (it's actually really good in oatmeal!), but the nuts, avocado, and oil are best in terms of healthy fats.

Q: When is the Android app coming?

A: IT'S HERE! The Hungry Girl Diet Companion app is NOW available for both iPhone (click to get it!) and Android (get it here!). Both apps are free and allow you to create custom shopping lists and track your food while using the HG diet book. (If you had trouble with the Android app earlier this week, download the latest version -- a bug has been fixed.) Check 'em out!

There you have it... Click for even more info about the plan, Q&A style!

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