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We All Make Mistakes -- Diet Blunders to Avoid!

We All Make Mistakes -- Diet Blunders to Avoid!

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We're running down the TOP ATE diet blunders that can derail the unaware -- read on!

  1. "On a Diet" or "Off a Diet"

How many times have you heard (or used) the old "I'll start a diet on Monday" excuse? The concept of being either ON or OFF the eating-right wagon can be pretty self-defeating -- there IS a middle ground! Think of eating smart as a lifestyle adjustment, and go into it knowing that celebrations and indulgences are part of life. So give yourself some wiggle room. If you eat sensibly 80 percent of the time and less sensibly the other 20 percent, you'll still be on the right track.

  2. Drinking Your Calories

While the occasional caloric beverage won't sink your ship, making sugar-sweetened drinks a regular part of your life can add hundreds of calories to your diet. A 12-oz. can of regular soda has about 150 calories; many fountain drinks contain as many as 32 oz. (We're looking at YOU, movie-theater soda cups!) If you need a flavored drink every now and then, have a low-cal or calorie-free one like Crystal Light or Coke Zero; click here for some naturally sweetened picks.

  3. Skipping Meals

It's a vicious cycle. You decide to skip a meal because you want to keep your daily calorie intake in check. Then you get hungry. REALLY hungry. Finally, you give in and wind up overeating, probably taking in more calories than if you'd simply stuck with three sensible meals in the first place. Start the day right -- do NOT skip breakfast! Eat a satisfying morning meal like eggs or oatmeal. Your body actually metabolizes food better when it's properly fueled, so fill 'er up!

  4. Buying the Hype

Some things have what's referred to as a health halo around them, meaning that they're perceived as being healthy even if they're not. We at HG often call them food fakers. Notorious food fakers include granola, smoothies, and restaurant salads. Sure, some are OK, but with so many super-caloric versions out there, you NEED to check the stats before you chew. This also goes for items marked "light" or "reduced-fat" -- just because something has fewer calories or less fat than standard fare, that doesn't automatically mean it's a good choice.

  5. Thinking Condiments Don't Count

If you monitor most of your calories but still aren't meeting your weight-management goals, consider your condiments. Sure, those numbers on the package are low... but they're usually for a pretty small serving size. If you load up a lean sandwich with lots of light mayo or drown your scrambled Egg Beaters with ketchup, you need to account for those calories. This goes for pancake syrup, salad dressing, and sauces too!

  6. Selective Label Reading

There's more to a nutrition label than calories. As we just mentioned, the serving size on a nutritional panel is not always the same as the amount you serve yourself. Another thing to watch out for? Servings per container. If there are two servings in that seemingly single-serving bag of chips, do the math before you devour.

  7. Ignoring Daily Activity

Exercise may not be your favorite thing in the world, but it is important, both for weight management and for overall health. While it can be hard to get going, it can get easier if you find an activity that you can stick with. Try different things -- click here for some ideas. Anything is better than nothing. Just because you don't feel ready to commit to a full-on exercise regimen, that doesn't mean you can't add short walks and sporadic stretches to your day. Do it!

  8. Setting Unrealistic Goals

If you tell yourself you're gonna lose 20 pounds in a month, there's a good chance you'll get bummed out and quit when things don't go as planned. Set reasonable targets, and make small adjustments to start; then work your way up to bigger goals. Be realistic + make changes + stick with them = success!


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