Protein Crunch Yogurt, Salad Toppers, Tomato Basil Rice Cakes

Jan 8 2018
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Spotted on Shelves...

Oikos Protein Crunch Blended Greek Yogurt

1 container: 160 calories, 1 - 2.5g total fat (0 - 0.5g sat fat), 35 - 45mg sodium, 18 - 20g carbs, 6g fiber, 8 - 9g sugars, 17g protein -- SmartPoints® value 4*

We all need treats to help keep our healthy eating on track this year, and these protein-packed cups will satisfy your hunger AND your sweet tooth at the same time! Try all four flavor combinations: Banana Yogurt with Cocoa Clusters & Chocolate Chunks, Vanilla Yogurt with Blueberry Rolled Oats, Coconut Yogurt with Whole Grain Oats & Almonds, and Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Oats & Peanuts. Track these down!

Tessemae’s Salad Toppers

1 pack (20g): 90 - 120 calories, 4.5 - 11g total fat (0 - 2g sat fat), 0 - 150mg sodium, 3 - 10g carbs, 1 - 2g fiber, 0 - 6g sugars, 3 - 5g protein -- SmartPoints® value 3 - 4*

Looking to step up your salad game? These single-serving topping medleys are borderline brilliant. Choose from Caesar (cheese crisps, walnuts, flax seeds), Organic Honey Crunch (crispy quinoa, pistachios, sunflower seeds), Organic Sambal Kick (crispy chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds), and Sea Salt Bacon (bacon bits, dried cranberries, almonds). They're made with organic ingredients and crammed with crunch & flavor! Click to find.

Quaker Tomato & Basil Rice Cakes

1 cake: 50 calories, 2g total fat (0g sat fat), 100mg sodium, 8g carbs, 0g fiber, <1g sugars, <1g protein -- SmartPoints® value 2*

It's been a while since Quaker has added a new variety to its line of low-calorie whole-grain snack cakes, and we're welcoming this flavor with open mouths! The savory taste is subtle and yummy, providing the perfect base for fun toppings: hummus, cucumber slices, light cream cheese, roasted red peppers, turkey slices, tuna... You name it! Find these gluten-free goodies on store shelves from coast to coast.

Green Giant Veggie Spirals Are Here! 4 Reasons to Stock Up...

Lisa here! It’s no secret that I’m OBSESSED with swapping out carby pasta for healthy veggie noodles. Well, Green Giant is making my life (and yours!) easier with its freezer-aisle line of heat & eat veggie spirals... NOW in stores! Here are four reasons to stock up.

1. 65 - 90% fewer carbs and calories than traditional pasta.

Just 15 - 50 calories and 2 - 12g carbs per serving. And there are no added sauces or seasonings... Only pure veggie goodness!

2. With four fantastic varieties, the meal possibilities are endless!

Choose from classic Zucchini, yummy Carrot, sweet Beets, and Butternut Squash. We turned the Butternut Squash Veggie Spirals into a fettuccine Alfredo swap with just 175 calories... Get the recipe! And for more meal ideas, check out this Pinterest board devoted entirely to HG recipes that can be made with Green Giant Veggie Spirals.

3. Convenience to the max! No prep, no mess.

Making healthy meals in a hurry has never been easier! Already peeled and spiralized, these veggies can even be cooked up right in their microwave-safe bag. They're also delicious sautéed in a skillet!

4. This $1-off coupon!

Who doesn't love a bargain!? Click here for a cash-saving coupon for Green Giant Veggie Spirals or the brand’s other Veggie Swap-Ins.* Then hit the supermarket, and fill your freezer STAT.

*If you’ve already printed this coupon twice (it’s been featured in past Hungry Girl promotions), you’ll be unable to print it a third time. Please contact Green Giant here with any questions.

Chew on this:

Today, January 8th, is both National English Toffee Day and Bubble Bath Day. Hey, Philosophy: Time to bring back your English Toffee Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath! We'll settle for these Sea Salt & Caramel suds in the meantime...

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