Cheesy Goodness, Wild Water, Father's Day Finds & More!

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Oh, Babybel!
Oh, Babybel!
Spotted on Shelves...

Mini Babybel Sharp Original and White Cheddar - Need more on-the-go cheese in your life? Two new flavors of everyone's favorite wax-encased cheese rounds have arrived! Each piece has 60 - 75 calories, 5g fat, 110 - 130mg sodium, 0g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, and 4g protein (PointsPlus® value 2*). These varieties aren't Light, but the stats are still pretty good for what you get. Snack-tastic!

Sara Lee Thin Style Buns - Someone's a little late to the 100-calorie flat-bun party! But we love Sara Lee, so we're welcoming these new bread items with open arms (and mouths!). In Honey Wheat and Whole Grain White, each bun has 100 calories, 1.5g fat, 115 - 130mg sodium, 20 - 21g carbs, 4 - 5g fiber, 2g sugars, and 4g protein (PointsPlus® value 3*).

Kashi Waffles - Sad news: Kashi's discontinuing its Heart to Heart Waffles, and the brand's GOLEAN Waffles are in short supply. But before you drown your sorrows in full-sugar syrup, check out these newbies! In both 7 Grain and Blueberry, each 2-waffle serving has 150 calories, 5g fat, 340mg sodium, 25g carbs, 6 - 7g fiber, 3g sugars, and 4g protein (PointsPlus® value 4*). Nice!

Water Gets Wacky!

Bored with basic flavored waters? Check out these fun new offerings. The latest flavors in the Vitaminwater Zero lineup are Glow (Strawberry-Guanabana) and Drive (Blood Orange-Mixed Berry). We hope these brightly hued beverages taste as good as they look. (So pretty!) If you need some variety when it comes to apple-flavored water, scope out the latest zero-calorie option from SoBe Lifewater. In addition to Fuji Apple Pear, apple lovers can now sip on Macintosh Apple Cherry. If you want your water to taste like your favorite cocktail, check out Crystal Light's limited-edition, nonalcoholic Mocktails -- only 5 calories per serving, and no hangover! And lastly, MiO Liquid Water Enhancer will flavor your water (without adding calories) while providing a lava-lamp-like display in your drinking glass. Fun, fun, fun!

H2O Yeah!
H2O Yeah!
To Go and To Guys!
To Go and To Guys!
Fast Food Gets Fruity, and Dad's-Day Treats!

We LOVE Edible Arrangements, makers of artfully sliced, chocolate-dunked fruit bouquets. Well, the brand has quietly rolled out more than 1,000 stores! The best part? Select locations feature the new Edible to Go concept, stocking fruit salads, smoothies, sundaes, parfaits, and more. Yay! In other Edible Arrangements news, the company is offering up some dad-friendly arrays for Father's Day. Sporty themes include NASCAR, golf, football, and more. Of course, there's always the watering-can design, if Dad's more of a gardener!

The Buzz...

The plate is the new pyramid! No, this has nothing to do with Egyptian history -- the USDA has announced a replacement for the famous food pyramid. MyPlate is a pictorial guideline that suggests healthy ratios of the foods that make up your meal. For example, half of your meal should consist of fruits and veggies. Interesting! ***We can't decide if this is crazy-smart or just crazy -- a new device for kids connects a bike to a television. What's the catch? The TV only stays on while someone is pedaling the bike. It's supposed to help prevent childhood obesity by providing an incentive to exercise (which is admirable), but there is the possibility that it could turn into a challenge for crafty kids. ("Pedal faster, Sis!" or "Let's unplug the cord!") ***BIG chocolate news... literally! Cacao beans the size of footballs have been found in Ecuador, and reportedly they lack the bitter aftertaste found in ordinary cacao beans. Just imagine the treats that those big beans will produce. YAY, CHOCOLATE! ***Now appearing alongside the Skinny Bagels on Bruegger's lightened-up menu are five Café Salads with 330 calories or less each. In the pack are the brand-new Harvest Chicken salad (with apples, almonds, cranberries and, of course, chicken) and the Classic Cobb (with the usual Cobb-y goodies). We hear that more healthy options will be rolling out all summer -- SCORE! ***Is hunger just in your head? In a recent study at Yale University, participants were given identical shakes; however some shakes were identified as high-calorie milkshakes, while others were labeled as being nutritious and low in calories. The amount of hunger hormones released before consuming the "indulgent" shake was higher than the amount released before drinking the "sensible" shake. Participants who consumed the shakes perceived as being more indulgent reported greater satiation afterward. So whatever you're eating, if you think of the food as being uber-decadent, you might feel more satisfied. (We'll try it right now: This carrot is a Snickers bar, this carrot is a Snickers bar.) That's all we've got. HG out!

Rock Beats Scissors, Plate Beats Pyramid...
Rock Beats Scissors, Plate Beats Pyramid...

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