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Time to Get Kozy...
Time to Get Kozy...
Spotted on Shelves (Fridge Edition!)...

Kozy Shack All Natural Bread Pudding - Our pals at Kozy Shack are SO stepping things up in the pudding market. Not content with rice, tapioca, and other ordinary puddings, they now have ready-to-eat, portion-controlled bread puddings. WOW! In Apple Cinnamon, Peach, and Cinnamon Raisin, each 4-oz. snack cup has 150 - 160 calories, 3.5g fat, 100 - 105mg sodium, 25 - 29g carbs, 0 - 1g fiber, 17 - 19g sugars, and 5g protein (PointsPlus® value 4*). Find these in the refrigerated dairy section of the supermarket. Grab a spoon!

Hillshire Farm Applewood Smoked Chicken Lit'l Smokies - Skip the standard cocktail weenies for your next batch of party snacks. These tiny sausages sound really yummy, and the stats are great! A 5-link serving has 100 calories, 5g fat, 440mg sodium, 4g carbs, <1g fiber, 1g sugars, and 7g protein (PointsPlus® value 2*). That's a whopping 60 percent less fat than standard Lit'l Smokies. Serve with toothpicks and your favorite mustard... YUM!

Newly Reformulated! Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressings - This line of tasty dressings has been on our radar for a while now, but it REALLY got our attention with this recent announcement: All of the creamy dressings now have 45 calories or less per serving. WOW! Plus, two new flavors have been added to the lineup -- Salsa Ranch and Zesty French. Each serving (2 tbsp.) has 35 - 45 calories, 1.5 - 3g fat, 115 - 270mg sodium, 1 - 7g carbs, 0g fiber, 1 - 6g sugars, and 1 - 2g protein (PointsPlus® value 1*). Great for veggie dipping! Look for these in the produce section.

The Trouble with Nutrition Labels... And How To Fix It!

Pop quiz: How well do YOU read the nutrition label on a food before buying or eating it? You might not be taking in as much info as you think. A recent study at the University of Minnesota used an eye-tracking device to measure what subjects focused on when presented with an assortment of product info. Results show that the device registered lower levels of nutrition-label view time than the subjects' own accounts of their viewing. The study also found that when the Nutrition Facts label was displayed front and center, subjects read it more often and for significantly longer than when the label was off to one side. According to another study, this one commissioned by CLIF Kid, nearly half of the parents surveyed said they found the instructions for furniture assembly easier to read than nutrition labels. (Good news for IKEA; bad news for parents.) So how can this be fixed? The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, with the support of several government agencies, recently evaluated front-of-package labeling systems. According to the resulting report, the current front-of-package treatment is inconsistent and doesn't provide enough helpful information. The organization recommends a single, standardized system of labeling the front of food packaging. Let's hope that positive changes come soon!

Do Nutrition Labels Confuse You? Read This!
Do Nutrition Labels Confuse You? Read This!
Your Newest Must-Haves!
Your Newest Must-Haves!
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed: Everyday Take-Along Edition

These items can make your everyday eating habits a little easier, greener, and all-around smarter! Check 'em out...

Brita Filtering Bottle - For anyone who has ever poured from a Brita pitcher into a water bottle (AWKWARD!) or had to refill their water bottle with less-than-delectable H2O, this is clearly a good find. Fill it with ordinary water, and your H2O is filtered as you sip, right there in your hand. If you're the type that buys a lot of bottled water, ditch the habit and get one of these!

Snack Taxi - Sadly, it's not a taxicab filled with food items. (But wouldn't that ROCK?) Snack Taxi is a company that sells super-cute, reusable, washable snack and sandwich bags! Click here to find retail locations or just buy 'em online. (Side note: Check out this tutorial on making your own reusable baggies!)

Portionware - Neato! Order one set of these colorful measuring bowls, and you get lidded containers in five practical sizes, from 1/2-cup to 2-cup capacity. Each durable plastic container and lid is clearly (yet discreetly) marked with symbols so you know which size you grabbed every time. Fantastic!

The Buzz...

As reported by the New York Times, Limited Edition Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended with Balsamic Vinegar is available starting TODAY, November 14th! Head over to Heinz's Facebook page to buy one of the first bottles being sold in the United States; the condiment will start showing up in supermarkets in late December and stick around through March. If it sells well, it could become a permanent member of team Heinz USA -- let us know if you love it! ***Speaking of love, we might be in it... Energy Kitchen is a fast-casual restaurant chain founded in New York where everything is under 500 calories. And (good news!) forty new locations are set to open nationwide over the next two years; if all goes according to plan, a thousand stores will be around in the next ten years! We can already taste the Buffalo chicken burger with baked fries... ***Hold the phone! (Or whatever else you're doing while you read the news.) A Skinny Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks has only 100 calories and 1g fat (PointsPlus® value 2*) per 12-oz./Tall serving! If you're looking for the energy to start your holiday shopping, this sounds like a great way to get a boost! ***News flash: People with intellectually challenging jobs may eat more than others! A recent study indicates that performing demanding mental work, as well as not getting enough sleep, can hinder a person's weight-loss efforts. So if you're burning the midnight oil and pushing your brainpower to the max, watch what you tear into on that lunch break! ***There is ONE stop left on the Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival book-signing tour... RIVERSIDE, CA! Join Lisa and members of the HG staff TOMORROW (Tuesday, 11/15) at 7 p.m. for FREE snacks, FUN prizes, and MUCH more. Click HERE for all the details! That's all we've got. HG out!

Ketchup Gets Kicked Up a Notch!
Ketchup Gets Kicked Up a Notch!

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CRUNCH! Today, November 14th, is National Pickle Day. Grab a jar of your favorite briny goodies -- Claussen makes our pickles of choice -- and get chomping. An average dill pickle spear has only 5 calories!

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