Salsa Madness, Free Low-Cal Slurpees, New HG Videos & More!

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Who's Ready to Salsa?
Who's Ready to Salsa?
Spotted on Shelves...

New Varieties! Wholly Salsa - The folks behind Wholly Guacamole have given their salsa line a makeover and added fun new flavors! Joining the Classic varieties are Pineapple, Red Pepper Mango, Roasted Tomato, Avocado Verde, and Guacamole & Spicy Pico dips. (The guac dip is essentially this favorite repackaged.) Each 2-tbsp. serving has 10 - 35 calories, 0 - 2.5g fat, 25 - 135mg sodium, 2 - 6g carbs, 0 - 1g fiber, 0 - 5g sugars, and 0g protein (PointsPlus® value 0 - 1*). Find them ASAP!

New Flavors! Everybody's Nuts Pistachios - These two flavored pistachio offerings from our buddy Stach -- Garlic & Onion and Sweet Chili -- rock like crazy! A 1/2-cup serving has 160 calories, 13 - 15g fat, 270 - 300mg sodium, 8g carbs, 2 - 4g fiber, 2 - 3g sugars, and 6g protein (PointsPlus® value 4 - 5*). The Garlic & Onion nuts aren't brand-new, but we had to mention them -- they're so good you may actually start to cry when you taste 'em. Click to locate!

Coffee-mate Sugar Free Creamy Chocolate Powdered Creamer - Whoa. If you're someone who wishes everything tasted more like chocolate, your fantasyland just got a bit closer. This new no-sugar powder from our favorite creamer company is perfect for adding a little chocolate creaminess to almost anything. Each 2-tsp. serving has 30 calories, 2.5g fat, 30mg sodium, 2g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, and 0g protein (PointsPlus® value 1*). Excuse us while we powder our... coffee.

BREAKING BEVERAGE NEWS: 7-Eleven Slurpee Lites Are Here... and FREE This Wednesday!

We are THRILLED to announce that 7-Eleven is sucking calories out of its most popular beverage... The Slurpee Lite has arrived! This will actually be the first time in Slurpee history that sugar-free varieties will be available nationwide. YES! Flavored by Fanta and sweetened with Splenda, each 8-oz. serving has just 20 calories. New flavors will be rotating all summer long. First up is Sugar-Free Mango! In July, look for Sugar-Free Strawberry Banana; in August, Sugar-Free Cherry Limeade. Even better? To launch these lightened-up slushes, this Wednesday (5/23) has been declared SlurpFREE Day! Participating 7-Eleven locations across the U.S. will be giving a free 7.11-oz. Slurpee to everyone who stops in from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (while supplies last). We find this news VERY refreshing, and we can't wait to claim our freebie!

Slurp Away... Guilt-Free!
Slurp Away... Guilt-Free!
Super Sips for Summer!
Super Sips for Summer!
NEW Light Libations! (No Boring Beer Here!)

Attention, HGers of the legal drinking age! New and unique adult drinks are here....

Michelob Ultra Light Cider - Get crisp apple taste without excess calories! Light beers have been around forever, and now there's a cider equivalent. Each 12-oz. bottle has 120 calories -- that's one-third fewer calories than the average regular hard cider -- and only 6 grams of sugar. Ex-CIDE-ing!

Lola's Libations Pomegranate and Sweet Texas Tea Smartinis - We've tried these two stevia-sweetened, just-add-alcohol mixers, and we have to say... they're AMAZING. Only 5 calories or less per 4-oz. serving -- totally worth tracking down or ordering online. And check out the full lineup; there are nine varieties available, from Caliente Texas-Tini to a basic Simple Syrup Base. Fun!

Michelob Ultra 19th Hole Light Tea & Lemonade - Pay attention, Arnold Palmer fans: It's another hole-in-one concept from Michelob! The limited-time-only malt alcohol beverage sounds SUPER-REFRESHING. Each 16-oz. can has about 185 calories -- not bad for an oversized can. As they say on the golf course... Gimme!

The Buzz...

We've got good news -- there's now ANOTHER place you can get access to HG videos, and there are a SLEW of new clips to view! Click here to visit Sharecare and check out Lisa (a.k.a. HG herself) answering questions about guilt-free eating. So cool! ***Several new sandwiches at Quiznos are stamped with "Under 500 Calories," but that doesn't mean they're all good picks. The various sliders come two per order, but the "Under 500 Calories" claim appears to be for ONE slider. That's a little sneaky, if you ask us! We suggest a small grilled flatbread (any variety except Little Italy) without dressing/sauce -- you still get meat 'n cheese, and for only 300 - 350 calories and 8 - 12g fat. ***Remember that AMAZING frozen kefir we mentioned recently? It's like fro yo, only it packs a bigger probiotic punch. Well, Lifeway, the brand behind the freezy treat, is testing out a soft-serve version at a Whole Foods in the Boston area. Um, we want this offered everywhere! ***One of the easiest ways to make sure you eat more fruits and veggies? Keep 'em close. A recent study among college students found when healthy produce was placed closer to participants, more of the good stuff was eaten. And when fruit was kept nearby in a clear open bowl, more of it was chomped on than when placed in an opaque covered bowl. Out of sight, out of mouth... ***Speaking of increased visibility, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced a four-year plan that, among other things, would modernize the nutrition facts labels on foods. The way serving size info and nutrient daily values are listed will be updated, and calorie amounts may become more prominent. Way to go, FDA! ***Last but not least, some positive news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: A recent report shows that people in the U.S. are generally getting good amounts of vitamins A and D and folate in their diets. Yay! Certain population groups are still low in vitamin D, iodine, and iron -- click here for more info. And that's all we've got. HG out!

Even MORE HG... Lucky You!
Even MORE HG... Lucky You!

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YUM! Today, May 21st, is National Strawberries and Cream Day. Have a cup and a half of the sliced berries topped with a double serving of Fat-Free Reddi-wip for under a hundred calories! YUM. We repeat, YUM!

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