Creme-Filled Chocolates, High-Fiber Treats, Calorie Change for an HG Fave & MORE!

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Pleased to Eat You!
Pleased to Eat You!
Spotted on Shelves...

Hershey's Simple Pleasures - Individually wrapped reduced-fat chocolates? SCORE. Plus, they're from Hershey's, so you know they're gonna be good. In Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Crème, Milk Chocolate with Vanilla Crème (our favorite), and Milk Chocolate with Chocolate Crème, each piece has just 30 calories. An entire 6-piece serving has 180 calories, 8g fat, 10 - 30mg sodium, 28 - 29g carbs, <1 - 2g fiber, 22 - 23g sugars, and 2 - 3g protein (PointsPlus® value 5*), but it only takes a few pieces to kick a chocolate craving! In candy aisles everywhere...

Boar's Head Bold Jerk Turkey Breast and Chipotle Chicken Breast - Summer is prime time for deli-style sandwiches (or any food that doesn't require a stove), so now's the perfect time to spice up your handheld meals with zesty new lunchmeats! Each 2-oz. serving has 60 calories, 1g fat, 370 - 420mg sodium, 0 - 1g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, and 12 - 13g protein (PointsPlus® value 1 - 2*). Find 'em at the deli counter. Love you, BH!

KIND Nuts & Spices Bars - The latest all-natural snack bars from KIND are here and, no surprise, we love 'em! These nut-packed treats boast impressively low sugar counts, and the flavor selections are downright irresistible: Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan, Cashew & Ginger Spice, and Madagascar Vanilla Almond. Each bar has 200 - 210 calories, 14 - 16g fat, 15 - 125mg sodium, 14 - 16g carbs, 5 - 7g fiber, 4 - 5g sugars, and 5 - 7g protein (PointsPlus® value 5 - 6*). Lots of fiber and protein make these a super-filling snack! Find them in stores and online.

Fiber One Fun: New Bars, Brownies & Cereal!

We'll always have a special spot in our hearts for Fiber One, especially since the brand is forever cranking out delicious new goodies. The latest items are seriously impressive! First of all, there are new kid-and-adult-friendly Fiber One Chewy Bars -- available in Chocolate (yum) and Strawberry PB&J (super-yum!), each fiber-ific bar has only 100 - 110 calories and 3 - 3.5g fat (PointsPlus® value 3*). Also entering the snack arena is a new Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownie: Chocolate Chip Cookie (PointsPlus® value 2*). It's not so much a brownie as a chocolate-drizzled treat with the texture of a brownie and the taste of a cookie. Pretty sweet! Look for the new bars and brownies in the granola-bar aisle of grocery stores nationwide. And coming in July... Fiber One Nutty Clusters & Almonds Cereal! A cup of the stuff has 180 calories, 3g fat, and an impressive 11g fiber (PointsPlus® value 5*). Douse a serving with your milk or milk swap of choice, or just sprinkle some over your yogurt. Thanks, F1 peeps!

Fiber One-derful!
Fiber One-derful!
Musicians Gotta Eat (and Drink) Too!
Musicians Gotta Eat (and Drink) Too!
Rockin' Out with Celebs' Guilt-Free Goodies...

Voli Light Vodkas - The company is owned in part by Fergie and Pitbull, but that's not why we love this vodka. We're crazy about the impressive calorie counts (just 74 - 81 calories per 1.5-oz. serving!) as well as the flavors: Orange Vanilla Fusion, Lemon Flavored Vodka, Espresso Vanilla Fusion (to die for!), and Raspberry Cocoa Fusion. There's also a Lyte (a.k.a. plain) version. Available in select stores and restaurants, and online.

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce - This spicy condiment is brought to you by The Offspring's own Dexter Holland. (He sings! He plays guitar! He makes hot sauce! Yay!) We LOVE hot sauce, and this one ROCKS OUR FACES off. A teaspoon of the stuff is calorie-free with just 25mg sodium -- pretty fly for a hot sauce... Click to find or buy online.

Bongiovi Pasta Sauces - Say the product name out loud and you'll figure it out... Yup, this sauce lineup comes from Jon Bon Jovi and family! We've yet to try these sauces, but they are wanted, dead or alive (or, um, just over broccoli slaw). A 1/2-cup serving of the Marinara, Garden Style, or Spicy Arrabbiata sauce has 80 calories and 4.5 - 5g fat. We want to lay 'em down on a bed of rotini. (OK, we'll stop!) In select grocery stores and online.

The Buzz...

Oh, no! An HG favorite -- Chris' & Pitt's Bar-B-Q Sauce -- has DOUBLED in calories! Due to a formula change, each 2-tbsp. serving now has 60 calories (and more than twice as much sugar). The brand started rolling out the new bottles this month, so if you find any of the 30-calorie versions still on shelves, STOCK UP! And consider yourself warned... ***Hey, Panera Bread fans... Summer-only items are here! We're excited about the Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad, with 340 calories and 13g fat (skip the pecans to shave off 100 calories and 10g fat), the Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup (just 150 calories and 3.5g fat per bowl), and the 60-calorie Summer Fruit Cup (fresh blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, and cantaloupe). Way to go, Panera! ***Speaking of salad, a recent survey found that 78 percent of the people who order salads at restaurants say they do so because they're looking for a healthier option, and 49 percent order salads because they want something lighter. REMINDER TIME: Salads are NOT always your best bet -- those with fried toppings, fatty dressing, and/or loads of cheese can be less healthy and heavier than other entrées, so order smart! ***Attention Kroger shoppers: Nutrisystem Everyday products are here, and they're all low in calories and fat and good sources of fiber and protein. The line includes snack bars, baked goods, smoothies, and breakfast items. We can't wait to try the Iced Carrot Cake and the Double Chocolate Smoothie! Find 'em in the weight loss/weight management aisle of Kroger supermarkets. (They'll be in more stores next year.) ***Here's some compelling news: When it comes to beverages in the U.S., consumption of bottled water is up and consumption of other beverages (including soda, juice, and milk) is down. If you find yourself going through many bottles of H2O, invest in a cute reusable one!  ***Get ready to "Rise and... Dine!" A breakfast-packed episode of Hungry Girl airs this WEDNESDAY (6/27) at 10:30am/9:30c on Food Network! Tune in or set that DVR. And that's all we've got. HG out!

This Change Is the Pitt's!
This Change Is the Pitt's!

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Yum, yum, YUM -- June 25th, a.k.a. today, is National Strawberry Parfait Day! A pair of Very Berry Dreamboat Parfaits (one for you, one for a pal) sounds pretty good right now...

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