HG Presents... Fat-Burning Foods!

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When we say "fat-burning foods," we don't mean edible items that will actually incinerate bags of potato chips or set fire to containers filled with French fries. But these foods CAN help your body to more efficiently burn calories from fat. Read up on four fantastic groups of power foods, and some delicious ways to up your intake...



Beans have the double whammy of protein plus fiber. Consuming protein is a GREAT way to help your body burn fat -- it gives your metabolism a boost and keeps you feeling full and energized. And dietary fiber, among other things, can help regulate your appetite. One particular type of bean worth trying? Soybeans. They contain helpful compounds that could assist in keeping the cells in your body from accumulating fat and also in breaking down fatty deposits.



When it comes to low-fat and fat-free dairy products, protein and calcium are the power duo in the equation. These two nutrients help keep your body's muscle mass intact while promoting weight loss. Studies have shown that people on lower-calorie diets that included dairy lost more weight than people who ate the same amount of calories without dairy. Plus, research suggests the probiotics found in some low-fat dairy can help your body fight fat. Wowsers!



Tuna and salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to being good for your heart, hair, nails, etc., those omegas can help stimulate leptin in your body. Leptin, a protein hormone, is linked to appetite and metabolism. There's a whole, long, scientific chain of reasons for this, but we're just going to accept that it's good and not worry about WHY. Yay, omega-3s!



Munching on whole grains adds fiber and complex carbohydrates (MUCH better than refined white carbs) to your diet. When the carbs are complex, they break down more slowly, keeping them in your system longer. And since your body processes them slowly, you don't crash. This also keeps your insulin levels steady -- a good thing, since insulin spikes tell your body to hold on to fat.


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