Memorial Day BBQ Roundup! (Recipes & More)

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Memorial Day is a time to honor the brave troops who've given their lives in service to the USA over the years. It's also the unofficial start to summer -- an ideal occasion for a cookout with friends. Before you start planning the menu, we've got a few suggestions... Read on!

  Hamburger Happiness!

Burgers are BBQ must-haves, so here's a plethora of HG-approved recipes -- from zazzled-up patties to fully dressed sandwiches.

Onion Goodness Burgers - HOT COUPLE ALERT! A batch of super-simple, super-flavorful patties is just two ingredients away.

Chief of Beef Cheeseburger - A real beef burger, fully loaded. Check out the HG Tip at the bottom of the recipe -- the individual patties have only 155 calories each!

Buffalo-Style Blue Cheese Burgers - Spicy, wing-inspired beef patties! The blue cheese crumbles are cooked right in, so no worries about them rolling off your burger...

Island Insanity Burger
- One of our all-time favorite ways to enjoy a Boca burger...

Ginormous Cabbage-Wrapped Burger Stack - If fellow BBQers are looking to skip the buns, cabbage leaves are a good alternative (and a bit sturdier than lettuce wraps).

Unique Greek Turkey Burgers - These patties are ready to be slapped on a bun, wrapped in leafy greens, or just eaten with a fork. Delicious-town, here we come...

And to read all about our very favorite meatless burger... Click here!

  And Now, An Important PSA (Public Sauce Announcement)...

BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce, hot sauce... Click here to read up on some of our top no-guilt sauce picks!

  Crockin' in the USA!

We've got LOADS of summery slow-cooker recipes that'll save you time in the kitchen and calories too...

'Cue the Pulled Pork - So indulgent, so delicious, and so simple. No one will EVER suspect this is guilt-free.

Turkey-rific Taco Bean Dip - This dish may very well rock your face right off. Be careful -- you need it for chewing!

Slow-Cooker Fake-Baked Beans - Yeah, you could crack open a can... or you could impress the heck out of your pals with some of the best baked beans ever. Your call.

Slow-Cookin' Pulled Chicken - Not into pork? Don't worry -- this slow-cooker chicken rocks BIGTIME.

  Best-Ever BBQ Tip!

Rinse your slaw! If you're throwing the shindig and don't feel like whipping up coleslaw from scratch, just get some store-bought stuff. Then toss it in a colander and rinse it until the water runs clear. You'll wash LOTS of calories and fat grams down the drain, but the slaw will have soaked up TONS of flavor. Weeee!

  Pretty as a Pitcher

Mixing drinks for individual people can be a drag; whipping up a pitcher, on the other hand, is a timesaving snap!

Party-in-a-Pitcher Sangria - This is an aptly named drink -- stir it up, and let the fun begin!

Pulpy Pineapple Arnold Palmer - A tasty beverage for guests who want a refreshing sipper sans alcohol.

Sassy 'n Spiked Pink Lemonade Pitcher - This sweet-tart cocktail is as delicious as it is beautiful, and that's saying a lot.

For tips on how to convert a few great single-serving HG drinks into party-ready recipes... Click here!

  Something on the Side...

BBQ side dishes are notoriously fattening -- check out these guilt-free spins on popular favorites!

I Can't Believe It's Not Potato Salad! - This potato salad is missing one standard ingredient -- POTATOES! But you won't miss 'em one bit. This swap is SHOCKINGLY good.

German-ish Potato-ish Salad - Want actual spuds? A serving of this zesty goodness will satisfy STAT.

Easy-Beany Italian Slaw - Three ingredients. Maximum deliciousness.

Picnic-Perfect Pasta Salad - Skip the oily stuff at the deli counter -- our swap will beat too-carby, overdressed pasta salad any day.

Crunchy Sassy Chinese Slaw - This Asian-inspired side dish has seen more backyard BBQs than Heinz Ketchup. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But people LOVE this!

  Hungry for More?

Need tips for getting through a cookout unscathed? How about over a DOZEN additional backyard-bash recipes? CLICK HERE to read last year's big Memorial Day email -- info like this stays fresh for a LONG time!


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