HG's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!

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It's that time again! Here are some fun HG-style gift ideas for all the people on your list...

  For the Home Cook!

Grow Your Own Pizza Kit
Suspect your friend has a green thumb just dying to get out? Unleash it with this kit, complete with everything needed to grow tomatoes, basil, and oregano (aside from, you know, water and sunlight). Click here to download some awesome HG pizza recipes -- then print 'em out to pair with your gift. Neato!

Flirty Aprons

Keep your stylish pal's duds nice and clean with one of these super-special aprons! Nothing frumpy or ordinary about 'em. We're partial to the "Original Pink Chocolate" design. P.S. While the women's aprons are totally sassy, there are also less-frilly options for the men of the kitchen!

Slow-Cooker Lunch Crock Food Warmer

Without microwave access, the prospect of a hot lunch at work might seem like a no-go. There are options other than takeout and cold leftovers... like this contraption! It doesn't get hot enough to cook raw food, but it'll warm up leftovers or a can of soup as the morning hours progress. Bonus: It comes in a slew of fun colors! We wouldn't blame you if you ordered one for yourself as well as one for a friend...

HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX! The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook

We couldn't NOT plug our ginormous new best-selling cookbook. It's so CRAZY USEFUL, everyone should have a copy. It's the HG BIBLE, people, with 650 recipes, 100+ color photos, and dishes for any time of day, any occasion. Quick and easy breakfasts, slow-cooking slow-cooker eats, pizzas, pastas, party foods, and more. And there are photos and PointsPlus® values* for ALL of the recipes online. Plus, it's super simple to find the best price -- just click here, and shop around. Share the HG love!

  Quirky Li'l Items

The Emergency Food Tin

Friends don't let friends get caught without smart guilt-free snacks! Stock this silly tin with some tasty HG emergency snacks and a printout of the full list. Then give it to your guilt-free-food-loving pals! We're SURE it'll come in handy over the holiday season...

Custom iPhone Cases

Your pals are unique, so why shouldn't they have one-of-a-kind phone cases? Snap a pic of your friend's pet or their favorite food (or both -- how cute would Fido look surrounded by boxes of mac 'n cheese?). Upload it, and add some text, if you like -- instant classic! Rather take the premade route? There are plenty of adorable options. We're pretty into the food-and-beverage-inspired picks -- this case looks like SPRINKLES.

  As Seen on the HG Show

Gummy Bear Lights

The ACTUAL bears seen on the show are the GummiLights from Jellio. So cute! For a less pricey but still utterly awesome version, check these cubs out -- they come in red, orange, yellow, and green. Super sweet for the gummi lovers in your life!

OXO SoftWorks POP Container Set

People are ALWAYS asking about the containers used on the set of Hungry Girl -- these are them! Get a five-piece set for that super-practical, oh-so-organized friend who can never get enough useful items. Order up, or seek 'em out at Target locations.

Jane Jenni Melamine Plates

How amazing are the plates that adorn the walls of the Hungry Girl set? Hook up your BFFs! The decorative items come in a slew of fun foodie designs -- perfect for the cutie pie, sports nut, or sweet pea in your life.

  Charitable Giving

MizFit Workout Skort

These exercise skorts from Carla Birnberg (a.k.a. MizFit) are a great option for anyone looking for an alternative to boring old workout shorts. PLUS, all of Carla's profits go to the Mayan Families charity. Check it out! (Heads up: The skorts ship about 2 weeks after the order is placed -- Carla's a one-woman show!)

Project Angel Food Donation

We LOVE Project Angel Food, a charity that brings nutritious meals to people affected by life-threatening illnesses in the Los Angeles area. Make a donation of $25 or more, and PAF will send a specially designed card to the person you're honoring. Way to go, you!

Oxfam America Unwrapped Gift

This charity sends genuinely useful things to people in need. Not only can you send things like water jugs, stoves, seeds, blankets, etc., but you can also send educational items for kids (like books and art supplies), irrigation for farmland, and even livestock. There's something for every price range, and you can have a personalized card sent to your friend.


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