New Year, New You! (Tips & Tricks for 2013)

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Welcome to 2013! Let's kick things up a notch this year when it comes to eating smart, feeling great, and having fun! We've got a virtual barnyard full of new tips 'n tricks for you... Dig in!

  New Info: Get Smart!

The right resources are literally at your fingertips...

Online calculators: Not the two-plus-two kind of calculators. Calorie calculators. These are fantastic and FREE ways to pick up some extra information tailored to your needs. Just enter a few key stats (like your gender, height, weight, and activity level), and you'll get the estimated daily calorie count needed to maintain that weight or to start shedding pounds. Want to see how many calories are burned by common activities? Click here! And if you want to calculate your BMI (body mass index), you can do that online too.

Calorie monitoring devices: If you wanna go the extra mile and receive hyper-specific statistics, these tools can be incredibly useful. Products like BodyBugg, ActiveLink (available exclusively to Weight Watchers members and Weight Watchers Online subscribers), and Fitbit track your daily calorie burn (among other things) while you wear them. This can help you to discern how many calories you need to lose or maintain weight. We love technology!

HG survival guides, Q&A, and more: Not to toot our own horn, but a LOT of valuable info pops up in our daily emails! It's our JOB to put together this info so you don't have to. If you aren't already a subscriber, sign up for Hungry Girl's free daily emails -- Wednesdays and Fridays, especially, are packed with useful tips 'n tricks. Some of our best for the New Year? If you're trying to pick a diet plan, click here. For an easy guide to all things calories, click here. We've also got the truth behind weight-loss myths and a big list of common diet blunders. Read up!

  New Items: The TO CHEW List!

Your grocery list is getting a makeover...

Food finds: Falling into a food rut can make eating smart seem like a chore. Change it up! Click here for our TOP ATE product picks of 2012. Click here to peruse the "Spotted on Shelves..." section of our Monday news emails. And stay tuned for the latest finds every single Monday. Can't wait 'til Monday? One of our latest favorites is Fiber One 80 Calories Chocolate Squares cereal... SO GOOD!

New-to-you HG classics:
New to HG? Just haven’t tried some of our staples? Now's the time! Our HG Salutes series is the perfect place to start. Get the scoop on our favorite guilt-free foods -- why we love them, ways to use them, recipe roundups, and more. From the world's best pasta swap (20 calories per serving!) to the best-tasting milk alternative in all the land, we've got you covered!

HG's official supermarket list: Need we say more? CLICK for the latest!

  New Habits: Start Now, Stick to 'Em

'Tis the season for establishing smart habits!

Exercise gets enjoyable: The key is finding something FUN so that you'll stick with it. If you tell yourself you're going to start jogging even though you hate it, it's highly unlikely you'll keep it up. Have treadmill access? Schedule your workouts based on the airtimes of your favorite guilty-pleasure TV shows! Social butterfly? Sign up for a group-exercise class, or plan speed-walking dates with your gal pals. Another helpful resource? Online videos -- Gaiam TV has GREAT stuff!

Set mini goals: An all-or-nothing attitude is soooo 2012. If you set unreasonably high goals, it's easy to get frustrated and throw in the towel when you fall short. Start small, and then ramp up. Losing 20 pounds by the end of the month? Not realistic. Aiming to lose five pounds by February? That's doable!

Track your food: It may sound tedious... even nerdy. Say what you will, but food journaling WORKS. Be brutally honest, and write down EVERYTHING you eat daily. Chances are you'll start seeing patterns, giving you the info you need to make positive changes. Go virtual with a food-tracking app, or go old-style with a cute handheld journal. See? Being nerdy is totally cool.


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January is National Oatmeal Month. Break out the Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, and make yourself a Growing Oatmeal Bowl!

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