Brand-New Burger King Survival Guide!

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Here's EVERYTHING you need to know for guilt-free eating at BK... It's our Burger King Survival Guide!

  Breakfast Bites

Quaker Oatmeal
1 order: 140 - 270 calories, 3.5 - 4g fat, 100 - 290mg sodium, 23 - 55g carbs, 3 - 5g fiber, 1 - 29g sugars, 5g protein -- PointsPlus® value 4 - 7*

This hearty hot stuff comes in three varieties: Original, Maple and Brown Sugar Flavor, and Fruit Topped Maple Flavor. Options ROCK! The fruity offering includes 100 calories' worth of dried cranberries, raisins, cherries, and blueberries.

Egg & Cheese Muffin Sandwich
1 sandwich: 220 calories, 9g fat, 650mg sodium, 22g carbs, 1g fiber, 2g sugars, 12g protein -- PointsPlus® value 6*

BK has breakfast sandwiches made with croissants and biscuits, but those have WAY more fat and calories than the dependable English muffin. This unofficial menu option is great. LOVE breakfast meats? Go for the ham... that'll add only 35 calories. Score!

BURGER FOOL! BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter
1 platter: 1,450 calories, 84g fat, 2,920mg sodium, 134g carbs, 5g fiber, 41g sugars, 40g protein -- PointsPlus® value 39*

Scrambled eggs + hash browns + sausage + biscuit + pancakes + syrup = ACK. If you want to enjoy an assortment of breakfast items at BK, we recommend pairing one of the above suggestions with an order of apple slices and a low-calorie beverage! Speaking of which...

  Coffee 101!

* Your best bet is most definitely the Smooth Roast hot coffee. (It's Seattle's Best Coffee... Nice!) There's nothing added, so it's virtually calorie-free. Just add your no-calorie sweetener of choice. (No shame in carrying around packets in your purse!)

* A small plain or mocha nonfat latte has a reasonable 120 calories. But the caramel and vanilla ones start at 220...

* Heads up! The iced coffees have cream and syrup in them. A small plain, caramel, or vanilla version has 130 - 140 calories and 6g fat. Not awful, but the large mocha has 250 calories and 13g fat!

* The frappés are NOPESVILLE, with 410 - 600 calories and 19g - 25g fat.

* And in case you're curious, a small fruit smoothie has 130 - 140 calories and 0 - 0.5g fat. Not bad...

  Burger Basics

1 burger: 240 calories, 8g fat, 460mg sodium, 31g carbs, 1g fiber, 7g sugars, 12g protein -- PointsPlus® value 6*

Sure, it's simple, but it's also smart! The cheeseburger has 280 calories and 12g fat (PointsPlus® value 8*).

Whopper Jr. Sandwich without Mayo
1 burger without mayo: 260 calories, 10g fat, 440mg sodium, 28g carbs, 2g fiber, 6g sugars, 13g protein -- PointsPlus® value 7*

If you want a simple burger with fresh veggies, GRAB THIS. It's got lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Add mustard too, if you like!

MorningStar Veggie Burger without Mayo
1 burger without mayo: 320 calories, 7g fat, 960mg sodium, 43g carbs, 7g fiber, 8g sugars, 22g protein -- PointsPlus® value 8*

Even if you're a total meat lover, this is a worthy choice! It's great when you want a burger that's large and protein packed but not loaded with fatty calories.

BURGER FOOL! Triple Whopper Sandwich
1 burger: 1,020 calories, 65g fat, 1,090mg sodium, 57g carbs, 3g fiber, 13g sugars, 58g protein -- PointsPlus® value 28*

To quote Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, "Why is this necessary in life?"


Pop-Up Sandwich Tip! You can save a lot of carby calories by leaving off the top half of the bun. Or skip the bun altogether, and request your sandwich goodies over lettuce!

  Chicken & Fish 'Wiches

Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich without Mayo
1 sandwich without mayo: 400 calories, 11g fat, 1,260mg sodium, 43g carbs, 2g fiber, 5g sugars, 31g protein -- PointsPlus® value 10*

This lettuce-and-tomato-topped sandwich is a pretty good selection. Again, skipping the mayo is recommended. Here it saves you 110 calories and 11g fat! And remember to ALWAYS ask for Tendergrill, not Tendercrisp (grilled vs. FRIED!).

Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich without Tartar Sauce
1 sandwich without tartar sauce: 360 calories, 9g fat, 1,140mg sodium, 51g carbs, 2g fiber, 5g sugars, 16g protein -- PointsPlus® value 9*

Sure, the fish is breaded, but without that pesky tartar sauce (which adds 170 calories and 19g fat!), this option isn't bad at all.

BURGER FOOL! Carolina BBQ Tendercrisp Sandwich
1 sandwich: 810 calories, 43g fat, 2,370mg sodium, 67g carbs, 3g fiber, 16g sugars, 40g protein -- PointsPlus® value 22*

There's always some overloaded specialty sandwich, and the stats are generally insane. Here's the latest example, dripping with cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce. And FYI, even the Tendergrill version has 670 calories and 32g fat. Not ideal!

  The Salad Scenario: Lettuce Explain...

There ARE some great salads at BK, but it's all about ordering them the right way. Always go for the Tendergrill picks, not the fried Tendercrisps. And watch out for the oversized packets of fatty dressing. With the exception of our pick, Ken's Lite Honey Balsamic, the dressings have 170 - 220 calories and 17 - 18g fat! Yikes. That said, we give you... the salads!

With Tendergrill Chicken and Before Dressing...

BBQ Chicken Salad
1 salad: 300 calories, 14g fat, 1,000mg sodium, 14g carbs, 3g fiber, 4g sugars, 31g protein -- PointsPlus® value 8*

Chicken, Apple & Cranberry Garden Fresh Salad
1 salad: 350 calories, 12g fat, 865mg sodium, 30g carbs, 4g fiber, 27g sugars, 29g protein -- PointsPlus® value 9*

Chicken BLT Garden Fresh Salad
1 salad: 380 calories, 20g fat, 1,220mg sodium, 13g carbs, 3g fiber, 2g sugars, 35g protein -- PointsPlus® value 10*

Chicken Caesar Garden Fresh Salad
1 salad: 350 calories, 14g fat, 1,180mg sodium, 22g carbs, 3g fiber, 4g sugars, 33g protein -- PointsPlus® value 9*

Pair with...

Ken's Lite Honey Balsamic
1 packet: 120 calories, 7g fat, 220mg sodium, 14g carbs, 0g fiber, 11g sugars, 0g protein -- PointsPlus® value 3*

  Sides, Sides, Sides!

Gotta have fries? Your best bet is not the small size, it's the smaller value-size option -- 240 calories and 10g fat (PointsPlus® value 6*). And that's as low as an order of fries gets at BK! Better choices? A Garden Side Salad -- without croutons and before dressing, it has only 60 calories. And don't discount those crisp apple slices... only 30 calories an order!


DIY with HG Swaps!

Even though some of the originals are no longer on the menu, our guilt-free makeovers are always available! Click here for swap-tastic burgers and frozen drinks. And don't miss our Bake-tastic Butternut Squash Fries and Lord of the Onion Rings!


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