Hungry Girl Diet Success Story, Weight Loss in the New Year, The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook

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Hungry Girl New Year

Happy New Year, HGers! If you've resolved to drop some pounds in 2015, The Hungry Girl Diet may be EXACTLY what you need -- especially once you hear what we've got in store!


Stephanie Before and After the Hungry Girl Diet
Hungry Girl Success Story: Stephanie Lost 81 Pounds!

Need a little inspiration to stick to that New Year's resolution and finally lose the weight? Check out Stephanie's incredible before and after photos! She's lost over EIGHTY pounds with the Hungry Girl Diet! We were blown away by Steph's transformation, and we wanted to know all about her experiences with the diet. Some highlights? Stephanie says...

"It's taught me to look at food differently. It's taught me about portion control and how to cook healthier." 

"The diet works, even for people who are always busy." 

"[One of my favorite things about the diet is] big portions that are filling. I love that it gives you choices for each day and the recipes are right in the book. I love the variety of food."  

"I tell everyone to buy the book. I won't lend my book out. It's my cooking bible."  

"I love the Hungry Girl Diet. I feel great. I'm happy with the way I look and feel. I love how easy it is to follow and how tasty the food is." 

So inspiring! Click here to read our full Q&A with Stephanie. And start YOUR success story ASAP: Pick up The Hungry Girl Diet wherever books are sold, or shop around our sale page for the best online deal (up to 40 percent off)!

Meet the HG Diet VIPs
  Get Ready to Meet the HG Diet VIPs!

Back in December, we selected 15 lucky fans to get hands-on coaching from the HG team as they follow the Hungry Girl Diet in the New Year! Soon you'll see who got picked and be able to follow along with their successes! Wanna join them on the diet train? Start the plan today, and lose weight with 'em! Keep checking back for the latest VIP updates...

Huge Announcement: The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook Is Coming in April!

The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook Whether you've been following the HG Diet or you're new to the scene, the perfect book is coming for you... The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook: Healthy Recipes for Mix-n-Match Meals and Snacks! While the diet book itself contains about 60 super-easy meals and treats, this cookbook is crammed with 200 brand-new recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner dishes, and satisfying snacks... all of which fit perfectly into the Hungry Girl Diet... or any flexible weight-loss plan, for that matter! We're talking Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Crepes for breakfast, a BBQ Burger for lunch, Mac 'n Chicken 'n Cheese for dinner… Yeah, that's what this diet is like! Get super excited about these new recipes, because they ROCK. Click here if you want to preorder, but save that receipt -- there just may be a preorder special in store...


P.S. Want some new HG Diet recipes right here and now? Click here for a DOZEN recipes not found in the diet book!

Top Tips for HG Diet Success
  Our Top Three Tips for Hungry Girl Diet Success!

* Put together a team. Having other people holding you accountable can really help when you're trying to stick to a diet plan. Assemble a group of like-minded friends -- or find just one diet-plan pal -- and go into it together for moral support! Need more motivation? Plan out some sort of prize for when you hit your goals -- spa day, anyone?

* Give your kitchen a quickie makeover. Get rid of any fattening food so it doesn't tempt you. If there's food that others in your home insist upon but you shouldn't be eating, at least stash your healthy supply separately, front and center. "Out of sight, out of mind" is a cliché for a reason. Then flip to the list of supermarket staples in the book, and stock up!

* Set a routine, starting today. Planning ahead is key! Choose your meals for the week and go grocery shopping on the weekend, do some meal prep on Sunday nights, and figure out when in the day you can get in a little extra physical activity. (Housewalking in the morning, for example!)

YOU CAN DO THIS! Grab a copy of The Hungry Girl Diet ASAP, and let's get 2015 off to an awesome start!


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January is National Oatmeal Month! Please enjoy this ginormous, HG-Diet-approved bowl of creamy deliciousness...

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