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It's me, Lisa. I'm coming HOME to Long Island... and I can't wait!!!! So, SO super-excited about this event at the world-famous Book Revue in Huntington, and I'm hoping to see friends, family, and HGers there for all the fun. Heads up: You do NOT have to purchase a book there to say hi or have me sign something. Bring your HG books from home if you wanna. I'll sign anything -- books, magazines... even your kids! (Tee Hee!)


Snacks and goodies at this event include...

Popchips * Mini VitaCakes * Hershey's Simple Pleasures * Flatout Light Flatbreads * Bai5 drinks * Funky Monkey Snacks * Simply Snackin' Gourmet Meat Snacks * StarKist Tuna Pouches * The Laughing Cow coupons * TUMS Freshers

Prizes at this event include...

* A year's supply of VitaTops * HG t-shirts * A case of Tofu Shirataki noodles * HG hats * HG charm bracelets * Fun surprises!!!

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