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I wanna have lunch with YOU!!! Come on down for this very special event at the JCC. I'll be speaking, answering Qs, and having lunch with you guys -- HG recipes will be served! The JCC is selling tickets to this event -- it's the only event on the tour you have to pay for. There's also a (free) nighttime event at the Barnes & Noble on Peachtree Road... I can't wait to meet you!!!


Snacks and goodies at this event include...

Popchips * Mini VitaCakes * Hershey's Simple Pleasures * Bai5 drinks * Funky Monkey Snacks * StarKist Tuna Pouches * TUMS Freshers

Prizes at this event include...

* A year's supply of VitaTops * HG t-shirts * A case of Tofu Shirataki noodles * HG hats * HG charm bracelets * Fun surprises!!!

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