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New Pizzas = Happy Times!
New Pizzas = Happy Times!
Spotted on Shelves...

Here's what's new and hot in the world of chewing!

South Beach Living Pizzas & Puddings... Weeeee! - Two new pizzas from South Beach Living have arrived. There's Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza (complete with a zesty buffalo sauce) and Spinach & Mushroom Pizza (with creamy Alfredo sauce). Both pizzas come complete with harvest wheat crusts and are an excellent source of protein and fiber. They each have 340 - 350 calories, 13g fat, and 8 - 9g fiber (POINTS® value 7*). BTW, don't worry if you can't find these yet -- they'll be in stores everywhere in June. And if you're in the market for pudding snacks with FIBER, check out South Beach Living Sugar Free Pudding Cups in Dark Chocolate Vanilla Marble and Milk Chocolate Truffle. Each container has 60 calories, 1 - 1.5g fat and 3g fiber (POINTS® value 1*) -- that's a lotta fiber for a little pudding cup, huh?!

New Wish-Bone Salad Dressings!
- There are two new additions to the Salad Spritzers line-up -- Ranch and Honey Mustard Buzz. A 10-spray serving of either of those has 15 calories and 1g fat (POINTS® value 0*). Yum! And be on the lookout for a brand-new line of dressings from Wish-Bone called Bountifuls -- fat-free (or very low-fat!) vinaigrette dressings packed with chunks of real fruits or veggies. In Berry Delight, Hearty Italian, Tuscan Romano Basil, and Simply Santa Fe, these each have 15 - 35 calories, 0 - 0.5g fat and a POINTS® value of 0 - 1* per 2-tbsp. serving. WOWOWOW!
HUUUUGE Book News & The HG Tour Continues!

Lots of FANTASTIC "pinch-me-it's-too-good-to-be-true" news from the HG book world! We're BEYOND THRILLED to report that Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World has debuted at #2 on The New York Times Best Sellers List (in the Paperback Advice category) and at #6 on the USA Today Best-Selling Books List. AHHHHHHHHHHH -- we are FREAKING out!!!! Enormous thanks to all of you who bought the book and made this happen! (And for those of you who haven't yet bought the book, DO it, and help keep us on those lists!) In tour news, Lisa has been trotting the globe (okay, mostly visiting states on the East Coast so far), meeting and greeting fans, signing books, and doing TV and radio interviews. Click here to see the HG Today Show appearance, and tune in to Extra tomorrow night (Tuesday the 13th) to see Lisa whipping up a batch of Lord of the Onion Rings in the kitchen with Dayna Devon. Yee-haa! So far on the tour, NY, NJ, Boston, DC, Philly, and Atlanta are down -- thanks SO much to everyone for coming out (it's been a blast)! This week, HG takes on Chicago (tonight!), Minneapolis (tomorrow!), and Dallas (Friday!). Next week, it's San Francisco (2 nights!), and after that, Los Angeles! See ya there -- we'll bring the snacks and prizes! For the full 411 on the book click here -- and click HERE for all the tour details. Yay!
It's Official! A New York Times Best Seller!!!
It's Official! A New York Times Best Seller!!!
We All Scream for Ice Cream! AHHHHHHH!
We All Scream for Ice Cream! AHHHHHHH!
Ice Cream Alert!

Summer's on the way, peeps -- so here are some new chilly treats to look out for...

Slim a Bear 100 Calorie Bars in English Toffee and French Vanilla - More 100-calorie frozen finds from our friends over at Slim a Bear. Each low-fat ice cream bar is coated in milk chocolate and has 6g fat and 2g fiber (POINTS® value 2*). We hear these tasty bars ROCK! 

Dreyer’s/Edy's Snack Size Fruit Bars in Orange & Cream, Raspberry & Cream, and Lime & Cream - Fruit 'n cream bars get us all giddy... There's something about the mix of tart fruit flavors and sweet vanilla ice cream that makes us CRAZY. So we can't wait to gobble up these babies. Each bar has just 45 calories and 0.5g fat (POINTS® value 1*). 

Popsicle Ice Cream Shots in Cookie Dough and Cookies 'N Cream - Oooooh, you do NOT wanna miss these frozen cuties. They're tiny beads of vanilla light ice cream mixed with awesomeness like cookie dough and chocolate chips or chocolate cookie pieces. Yay!!!! A half-cup serving of the Cookie Dough has 130 calories, 3g fat, and 0g fiber (POINTS® value 3*), and half a cup of the Cookies 'N Cream has 110 calories, 4.5g fat, and 1g fiber (POINTS® value 2*).

Fudgsicle Triple Chocolate - If you dig fudge bars, get a load of THIS... The multipack features THREE kinds of low-fat bars -- Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and, the one we're DYING to try most, White Chocolate. Each bar has 60 calories and 1.5g fat (POINTS® value 1*).

Weight Watchers Giant Latté Ice Cream Bar - Last but certainly not least, our buddies over at Weight Watchers have released a Giant Latté Ice Cream Bar that is HUGE and delicious. It has 90 calories, 1g fat, and 4g fiber (POINTS® value 1). If you like coffee-flavored ice cream, BOLT to your local market to pick up a pack of these bars!

And in somewhat disappointing ice cream news, we have heard from about 100 of you regarding the fact that both Dreyer's/Edy's and Breyers ice cream cartons have SHRUNK. Same price, less ice cream. SAD TIMES! Look at the bright side -- less ice cream = fewer calories!
The Buzz...

We know it's warm outside, but we LOVE soup and are excited about the upcoming launch of Campbell's V8 soups. Keep an eye out for these low-fat, nothing artificial, pureed creations in FIVE (count 'em) flavors -- Golden Butternut Squash, Garden Broccoli, Southwestern Corn, Sweet Red Pepper, and Tomato Herb. ***Did you know that drinking coffee as you get older may help preserve your memory? In a French study of more than 7,000 people, women age 65 and older who drank more than three cups of coffee (or the caffeine-containing equivalent in tea) per day had less memory decline over time than women who drank only one cup or less daily. Go java, go! ***Speaking of coffee, if you haven't already sampled the world-famous Dunkin' Donuts coffee, here's your big chance to try it for FREE! Click here to nab an itty bitty sample pouch (it's sooooo cute!), while supplies last. And if you're lucky enough to live near a double D location, head on in this Thursday (5/15/08) between 10am and 10pm and score a FREE iced coffee. Click here for details! ***Hey, Gnu Bar fans... If you've had trouble in the past finding these high-fiber chewy items where you live, you'll be happy to know that they're now available in 35 states (and as always, they're available online). Click HERE for more on that. That's all we've got. HG out!
V8 Soups on the Way!
V8 Soups on the Way!
Today, May 12th, is National Nutty Fudge Day. Celebrate with HG's guilt-free peanut-buttery chocolate fudge!
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