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Hi HG!

I'm curious about the Hungry Girl kitchen at HG HQ. Is it in your office? Is cooking part of a normal day at HG? How many people work there? Would you post a photo? I just have a picture in my mind of your cartoon image in a crazy cartoon lab with test tubes boiling over and Tofu Shirataki noodles in bowls everywhere. It might make a good cartoon show!

Itchin' to Know More About Your Kitchen
Dear Itchin',

HAHA! I love this question (well, series of questions) and the cartoon kitchen image that is now etched into my brain -- so thank you for that! The kitchen is located at the HG office in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. The office is bright and colorful and fun! It's filled with lots of REAL food, fake food (as in plastic), pillows shaped like giant candy bars, TVs that look like food, and other foodie items. We've got closets overflowing with foods that are being tested and a pantry filled with all of the HG staples. Click to see some pics! Cooking is DEFINITELY a big part of a normal day at HG. On any given day, we're whipping up two to four HG recipes -- whether they're in testing phase (meaning we're still working to get them just right) or being made to be shot (as in photographed -- we're not into murdering our dishes!). There are about eight full-time HG employees and a few freelancers, but there are usually about five or six people at the HG HQ on a daily basis. As for the cartoon lab with boiling-over test tubes and Tofu Shirataki everywhere -- I WISH! That sounds awesome and, you're right, it would make a good cartoon show. Maybe one day...

Hi Hungry Girl,

I've been hearing so much conflicting info about high-fructose corn syrup lately, I don't know what to believe. Is it the enemy or not?

Confused in Colorado
Dear Confused,

As you know, I'm not a doctor or a nutrition professional, so I asked my smartest friends who ARE doctors and health pros, and the consensus is this. If you consume large amounts of HFCS, there could be some weight gain and health consequences -- just as there could be with plain old table sugar. But having small amounts of it in foods like low-fat or fat-free dairy products, sauces, and dressings is probably not something you need to worry about. It's really important to read labels carefully. If something contains HFCS and is also pretty high in calories and overall sugars, you might want to limit how much you have or avoid it altogether. But if your favorite 100-calorie yogurt or 10-calorie salad dressing spray contains a bit of HFCS, don't freak. With calorie counts that low, the amount is most likely too small to cause any issues. HFCS packs a lot of calories, so low-calorie foods in small amounts can only contain so much of it. Click here for a great little video on this very subject. It has some eye-opening information about HFCS, and it features my good pal (author of The Healthy Skeptic and the Healthy Skeptic himself!) Robert Davis. Hope you like it. You can also click here to download a pretty thorough guide to all things related to high-fructose corn syrup, from the folks at the Grocery Manufacturers Association. And if you still have Qs or are worried you ARE consuming too much HFCS, talk to your doctor or just scale back on high-sugar foods containing the stuff.

Hey! April is... NATIONAL FOOD MONTH, people. Eat things!!!
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