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Dear Hungry Girl,

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your daily emails and look forward to reading them every morning. Sometimes they come later than others -- and on rare occasions they seem to not come at all. What's the story? I never EVER want to miss my HG!!!

HG Email Obsessed
Dear Email Obsessed,

First of all, here's a little HG secret -- if you simply can't wait for your daily email to come, you can find each new email at starting at 10pm PT the night before. So our Monday email is posted Sunday night, Tuesday's email is posted Monday night, and so on... Just a little tip for the die-hards! Also, all our daily emails are archived on the site and are kept there indefinitely. So if you delete or misplace one, you can always find the content right on our website. For more on finding things in the HG archives, click here (then scroll to the second Q&A). Since our emails now go out to a huge number of people (over 680,000!), there are sometimes deliverability issues. And that can vary depending on your ISP or email provider (i.e. Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail, etc.). The very best thing you can do is add to your address book. (Don't send emails to that address, though. They won't be answered. To send an email, use our "Contact Us" form.) If, for some reason, Yahoo!, Hotmail, or another email provider is blocking your HG emails, check the spam/junk folder in your email box. If you STILL can't find an email, ask your provider for answers -- or just switch altogether. BTW, if you want to change the email address you subscribe to HG with, just unsubscribe the old one and re-subscribe with the new one. If you have more Qs regarding this, send us an email at Whew. Sorry to get all technical on you. To make up for it, here's a link to our printable supermarket list. I know everyone LOVES that list!!!! Happy shopping...

Hi Hungry Girl!

So, I have taken your advice and embraced broth-based soups. But sometimes I see those little, oily "bubbles" floating in my soup! Why? Are they bad? Should I avoid soup containing 'em?

Dear Soupster,

I love soup and eat a LOT of it. But I've often wondered the same EXACT thing. Like when I'm eating a canned soup that is supposed to only have two grams of fat in it, and I see these little circles of what appear to be oil floating on top. I will say to myself, ARE THOSE CIRCLES THE ACTUAL TWO FAT GRAMS FLOATING RIGHT THERE ON TOP? Then I remove them (because they are weird and scary) and eat the soup. Those oily spots aren't necessarily "bad" -- they're just a little gross and likely have some fat content, so they can be worth removing. If there seems to be a lot of oily gunk in your bowl, you can just scoop it off with a spoon and get rid of it. Easy to do, and you'll save some fat and calories. Luckily, those oily circles often float to the top of the bowl and are easy to dispose of. Good riddance!

Today, April 29th, is National Shrimp Scampi Day. Check out Gorton's frozen version. It's REALLY good and the stats are great, too!
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