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Hi, Hungry Girl!

I saw you on Piper's Picks and searched your website for the layered chocolate cake dessert you made. Where can I find it? Thanks!

Trolling for Trifle
Dear Trolling,

Hi there! I'm SOOOO glad you caught that Piper's Picks episode. Piper is the CUTEST, and we had so much fun making the Double-Trouble Chocolate Trifle. For those of you who haven't seen the episode, click here -- in addition to the usual Piper adorablefest, it has AWESOME animated HG graphics. (Nothing that cool has EVER been done before with cartoon Hungry Girl!) The video was actually shot in my parents' kitchen in Florida -- and the reason you can't find the recipe on the HG website is because it is a Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 exclusive, available only in the book. This thing features layers of crumbled chocolate VitaTops, chocolate pudding, and whipped creamy fun. And if you love the sound of that, there's an entire book PACKED with amazing recipes that have less than 200 calories per serving (including a full chapter of Vitalicious recipes!!). To see the Piper's Picks video, click here. And for the book, Hungry Girl 200 Under 200, click here. Woohoo!

Hey HG,

I love peanut butter. How can I get my PB fix without taking in a ton of calories and fat? I need it all... recipes, tips, tricks, and food finds! HELP ME! I am PB-obsessed!

Dear PB-Needy,

Don't worry -- I have A LOT of peanut butter ideas for you. I love peanut butter as well, and I have some favorite ways to get a fix.

As far as actual REAL PEANUT BUTTER is concerned... Check out Justin's Nut Butter Squeeze Packs -- there are standard-sized packs with 180 - 190 calories as well as smaller 100-calorie packs. Controlled portions of PB = AMAZING and less dangerous than full jars. If you DO get full jars, go for reduced-fat, and get the natural kind, which often has a bunch of the oil sitting on top, waiting to be stirred. But instead of stirring, pour it out and send it down the drain! For each tbsp. of oil you ditch from a standard 16-oz. jar, you'll save about 10 calories and 1g fat per serving. (You can easily get rid of 2 - 3 tbsp., so the savings really add up!) And yes, you will ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt, still be getting a lot of the healthy oils and health benefits of peanut butter!

There are some PB swaps that ROCK... These are made with defatted peanut flour, so they are super-low in fat. There's powdered peanut butter, which is great. Add water to turn it into spreadable peanut butter. Or even better, use the powder itself in sauces, smoothies, and more. My favorite kinds are PB2 and FitNutz. My go-to pick for a ready-to-eat, in-a-jar swap is a product called Better'n Peanut Butter (also sold as Peanut Wonder). That tastes like a sweeter version of standard PB -- it's great in recipes or eaten straight (if you don't mind the sweetness).

For tons more info on these finds (including recipes), CLICK HERE! And as for an off-the-shelf snack with great PB TASTE, I LOOOOOVE Quaker Mini Delights in Peanut Butter Flavor. SO GOOD, and only 90 calories and a POINTS® value of 2* per bag! May your days be peanut-butter-ific!

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