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Dear HG,

I hear you are on Twitter. I'm not even sure what that means exactly. Can you tell me a little bit about what Hungry Girl on Twitter is like -- or even what Twitter, in general, is all about?

Twitter Challenged

Dear Challenged,

Twitter is a web-based service that allows users to send short text messages to a group of people (a.k.a. "followers") at the same time. People sign up to follow and then get these messages on their computers, cell phones, or PDAs. Twitter is FREE and can be really fun and useful. Hungry Girl is on Twitter now, and I do all the "tweeting" (yes, the updates are called "tweets") personally. Throughout the day I will "tweet" about what's going on at the HG HQ, what's happening on the road if I'm touring, new foods we've tasted, etc. I often include photos (which is a cool thing Twitter allows you to do). HG on Twitter gives fans a TOTAL behind-the-scenes experience. Followers can tweet back to me (sometimes I'll tweet a response!), which is great. Twitter is a fantastic way for me to get instant feedback or poll the audience about things, so I'll often ask people to weigh in on stuff. Sometimes I'll randomly give out prizes on Twitter -- like I'll ask people to review the new book on Amazon, and then I'll send out fun freebies! HG on Twitter is VERY cool for HG subscribers, but I recommend following me ONLY if you are a diehard HG fan. If not, it may be overkill for you! But if you LOVE all things HG and want to hear what's going on in HG-land several times throughout the day, check it out. I'm at, so click and sign up. See ya there!

Dear Hungry Girl,

A few weeks ago, you wrote about what you were eating while on tour and how many calories you consume in a day. My friend says the amounts you mentioned aren't enough. Is she right? How do I know how many calories I should be taking in daily?!

Dear Calorie-Consumed,

That email a few weeks ago caused a little bit of a stir. I received emails from about a dozen people who told me that the 1,200 - 1,400 calories I consume daily is not enough for me to function on. Keep in mind, this amount is different for everyone; it depends on a lot of things -- gender, height, weight, age, activity level, etc. I am just under 5' 1" tall with a somewhat small frame. And I've actually had a fancy test done to find out exactly how many calories my body burns at rest -- it's about 1,100 - 1,150 calories a day. So to figure out how many calories I need to consume daily to maintain my weight, I add a few hundred calories to account for what I burn doing basic activities, plus more on the days I work out. On any given day, I aim to take in 1,200 - 1,400 calories. I say "aim" because I know that calorie counts on menus, packaged foods, etc., are often underestimated, so chances are I'm actually taking in a bit more. (Packaged foods are allowed to be 20% off in their nutritionals, and menu stats are only approximations.) This works for me -- I have plenty of energy and am able to maintain my weight. Knowing how many calories you burn is a great thing. There are websites that can help you figure out approximately what that number is (click here for a great one) -- but you are really better off talking with a nutrition professional and having your metabolism tested to determine your personal number. You can even get yourself a Bodybugg, which is a little contraption you wear on your arm that keeps track of how many calories you're burning. That thing is GREAT (though pricey). Good luck!

It's National Dairy Month, which makes it a GREAT time to celebrate the fact that the BRAND-NEW 50-CALORIE FIBER ONE YOGURT (featuring HG on the packages!!!) is going into production NEXT WEEK. Woohoo! Keep an eye out for it...
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