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Okay, so I'm a chicken-salad freak. It's my favorite thing to have for lunch, but I have a feeling that even the "low-fat" kind has TONS of calories. What can you tell me about chicken salad? Is there a way to make it guilt-free?

Chicken-Salad Lover

Dear CSL,

The best advice I can give and most important thing I can say about chicken salad is this... Pay close attention and read carefully... Come closer... Breathe and stare at the screen... Count to three. Okay, ready? DO NOT EAT CHICKEN SALAD UNLESS YOU MAKE IT YOURSELF. There. I said it. Now that you know this, you're already way ahead of the game. Deli-made chicken salad, restaurant chicken salad, your aunt's chicken salad, etc. -- they're all likely to contain a ridiculous amount of calories and fat. Why? Because of MAYO. Regular mayonnaise is full of fat and calories. And because chicken salad typically contains A LOT of mayo, even ones made with the low-fat type can be calorie-packed. And it's just not necessary. So, if you love chicken salad, just make it yourself -- here are some tips. I'll use something like fat-free mayo, fat-free Greek yogurt, fat-free sour cream, etc., as a creamy base. Then I add things like hot sauce, low-fat cheese, mustard, veggies, and spices to give it lots of flavor. The result is totally delicious, low-calorie chicken salad. There are FOUR chicken-salad recipes in the latest HG cookbook, Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 -- a Buffalo-wing inspired one, a fruity Waldorf-type recipe, a Greek-style chicken salad with olives and feta, and a Chinese chicken salad that's sweet and incredible. You can find one of my favorites, the Sweet 'n Chunky Chicken Salad, right here. Happy chicken salading!!!


Hungry Girl,

I've heard you talk about your so-called "trigger foods." What does this term mean? Can you explain the concept?

Foodie Gurl

Dear Foodie Gurl,

Understanding the whole "trigger foods" thing is super-important but also super-easy. Trigger foods are the ones that cause you to eat more -- foods that make you tailspin into a bit of an eating frenzy. For some, chocolate is a trigger food -- one bite and they can't stop eating chocolate all day. Not for me. I can eat a piece of chocolate, be fine, and not crave any more. Other people say ice cream is a huge trigger food -- they can easily down an entire pint in one sitting. I'm okay with ice cream. But chips and pretzels are another story altogether! Give me a handful of salty snacks and it's all over. I feel the need to inhale an entire bag of 'em without stopping to take a breath -- VERY dangerous! I always tell people to avoid their trigger foods. If you stick with foods that satisfy you but don't make you crave more and more, chances are you'll be safe from overeating. It's really that simple. Do you know what your trigger foods are? CLICK HERE NOW to see a brand-new "Hungryvision" video all about trigger foods, featuring the HG staff and me. Watch it, learn more about trigger foods, and find out how you could win cool HG stuff. REALLY, DO IT! And if you're still not sure what your trigger foods are, try writing down everything you eat for a week and see if the answer is a little clearer after that.

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