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Dear Hungry Girl,

I am going to NYC and will be staying in a hotel with no microwave in the room. I want to be smart about breakfast without having to eat out every morning. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Big Apple Breakfast

Dear Big Apple,

I'm all too familiar with NYC trips, so I definitely have some tips and tricks for you. The first thing I do when I check into my hotel is head to a deli to pick up some essentials. New York City is PACKED with delis that are more like mini grocery stores, and they usually sell amazing HG-friendly items. I grab lots of bottled water, whole fruits (apples, bananas, etc.), and a few emergency snack bars (Gnu bars are sold EVERYWHERE in NYC!!!). If the hotel has a stocked mini fridge, sometimes you can have it emptied (or empty it yourself!) and then put your own stuff in there. If there is no mini fridge in the room, some hotels will actually bring you one if you request it. If you do have some sort of "chilling" option, when you make your deli run, grab a few containers of fat-free yogurt and some light string cheese. Hard-boiled eggs are another great option -- they're CHEAP and delicious. I ditch the yolks and eat about three egg whites with some fruit. That's a great light and protein-packed way to start your day. The key is to locate your deli early on. It'll end up helping you a TON... I promise. Use these tips for hotel stays anywhere -- if there are no good delis, just hit up a supermarket. Safe travels! P.S. Remember to pack your emergency snacks!


Dear HG,

I've noticed that high-fructose corn syrup is an ingredient in several products you LOVE (like Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers). I hear that stuff is really awful and should be avoided. What's the deal?

Highly Confused About Fructose Syrup

Dear Highly Confused,

Thanks for this Q. Before I dive into the topic of HFCS, there are some things you should know about Hungry Girl. HG is all about living and eating in the real world -- figuring out what to eat in any situation and doing the best you can every day. Everyone knows that things like fish, lean meats, fruits, and veggies are good for them. It gets a lot trickier when it comes to navigating the supermarket aisles for decadent foods and things you CRAVE, ones that aren't super-fattening. That's where I come in. However, since I'm not a doctor, I called on my good pal Dr. Melina Jampolis (who is an actual MD, a nutrition specialist, and the author of The No Time to Lose Diet) to help with this HFCS question. She says, "While high-fructose corn syrup consumed in large amounts -- from things like non-diet soft drinks (which are pure HFCS) and sugary juice drinks -- MAY have some negative health and weight-loss consequences, having small amounts (less than 10 grams per serving) -- from foods like low-fat/fat-free dairy products and condiments -- is not a major dietary issue." What she says makes a lot of sense and is important to digest (no pun intended). In the case of the (awesome) Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers, those only have 10 - 15 calories a serving, so the amount of HFCS in each serving is MINIMAL. HFCS packs a lot of calories, so low-calorie foods in small amounts can only contain so much of it. Dr. Melina also says it's important for dieters to focus on lowering OVERALL intake of refined sugars, as opposed to just focusing on high-fructose corn syrup as the nutrition villain, which I think is great advice. Now maybe everyone out there will be able to breathe a bit easier when they discover their favorite 100-calorie pack or fat-free yogurt contains a small amount of the stuff...

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