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Dear HG,

What are the top three questions you are asked the most, and can you please answer them?

Curious in Cali

Dear Curious,

It's funny that you asked that, because there are certain questions that people send in DAILY. And it's a good idea to go over them every now and then. Now would be one of those times...

1. First, people ask how they can get recipes and info from past emails. This is one I answer regularly, but there are still people who don't realize that every single HG email is archived at Heads up: If you go there, you might find yourself poking around for HOURS, just for fun. The website's fully searchable (but the search feature can be a bit wonky and sometimes gives you too many or too few results -- don't give up!). Click here for more info on searching the HG site.

2. Next, people ask me (all the time!) what I eat on a regular basis. My quick answer is to rattle off some of my staples, in no particular order -- Egg Beaters (with Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges), lean turkey and chicken breast (often over salad), sushi (with just a little rice), lots of fruits and veggies (Fujis and broccoli cole slaw!!), VitaTops, low-calorie high-fiber tortillas, and FRS Low Cal Concentrate... those are my go-to items.

3. And finally, another popular Q is, "Where can I find Tofu Shirataki noodles?" -- that one pops up daily as well. If your store carries these super-low-calorie noodles, they will NOT be housed with the regular pasta -- they'll be with the tofu in the refrigerated section. Click here to see a fun little video we just made about this. It'll really help. And if you're not sure which markets carry them, click here.

Thanks for your Q!!!


Dear Hungry Girl,

I LOVE jalapeno poppers, but I'm sure they must contain a zillion calories. Do you have an HG version?


Dear Popper-Obsessed,

Yup! There certainly is an HG version. And it tastes AMAZING!!!! It's made with jalapenos, fat-free cheeses, spices, and a Fiber One "breadcrumb" coating. You can add as much or as little spice as you want, but I like to make mine with lots of garlic powder and a nice amount of salt and pepper. You're right about regular poppers being calorie-packed -- they're fried and have about 300 calories and 20g fat for five of 'em (eeeks!). The HG-ized ones have about 125 calories and 1g fat for the same serving size, and they're packed with fiber. If you want to pig out on poppers and have TEN of those suckers, it'll only set you back about 250 calories and 2g fat (POINTS® value 4*). You can click here for the recipe. (It can also be found on page 146 of Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World.) Then start poppin' those poppers right away!

Hey! September 16th, a.k.a. TODAY, is National Guacamole Day. Wanna celebrate? Whip up some Holy Moly Guacamole. Time to PAR-TAY!!!
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