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Dear Hungry Girl,

I keep seeing ads for McDonald's new Mac Snack Wrap. Is that a good guilt-free option if I'm craving a Big Mac? It looks really good, and I love Big Macs!

McHungry in Maryland
Dear McHungry,

I'm really glad you emailed. While that wrap is a better option than the original 540-calorie, 29g-fat Big Mac, it's not exactly what I'd call guilt-free. Believe it or not, that little "snack" has 330 calories... and 19g fat! Leaving off the sauce will bring you down to 280 calories and 14g fat (POINTS® value 7*), but it's WAY smarter to make your own slimmed-down version at home. How? It's a CINCH! Start with a small low-carb/high-fiber tortilla with 50 - 80 calories, like the kind by La Tortilla Factory or Mission, and warm it slightly in the microwave. Mix together a little fat-free French dressing and fat-free mayo, and spread that onto the tortilla. Lay some chopped onions, shredded lettuce, pickles, and a slice of fat-free American cheese along the center of the tortilla. Then cook up a Boca patty (the original, vegan kind) in the microwave or in a pan with nonstick spray. Cut it in half and toss on top of the cheese. Wrap it all up, and VOILA, you've got your own version of that Mac Snack Wrap. Yours will have fewer calories, a FRACTION of the fat, and way more fiber -- about 215 calories, 3g fat, and 12g fiber (POINTS® value 4*). AMAZING! It takes all of three minutes to throw together, so don't be lazy... Just go for it!


I'm hoping to make a DEE-LISH dinner and dessert for my man on Valentine's Day, but both of us are watching our waistlines. Any V Day suggestions?

Table for Two
Dear T for T,

You are a nice person if you want to make a special no-guilt dinner AND dessert for your BF or hubby on Valentine's Day. How sweet! Good news... I have a SLEW of fantastic recipes that are totally guilt-free and fun for Valentine's Day. Here are my favorite two-serving recipes for a date night:

Stuffed 'n Squashed Mushroom Foil Pack - This is such an amazing appetizer, and it couldn't be easier to make. Yum!

Lean-O Cioppino - Another easy and delicious meal-starter that you'll both love... and only THREE ingredients!

Te Quiero Tequila Shrimp - The only problem is that you may not know if he's drunk on love or on Tequila Shrimp. (Kidding!) This one's awesome.

EZ Cheesy Lasagna for Two - The name says it all...

Planet Hungrywood Sweet & Cap'n Crunchy Chicken - Fried chicken with a slightly sweet cereal coating... Boys LOVE it!

Dynamite Double Chocolate Dream Parfait - It's chocolatey, creamy, cake-y, and delicious. Make it and see!

Layered Berry Custard Crostata - This one's an oldie but a GREATIE! Layers of pastry and custard and berries, all for your chewing pleasure!

Best of My Lava Chocolate Cake - Okay, this one serves four, but I couldn't leave it out. So either halve the recipe, or just enjoy it again the next day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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