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It DOES Taste Good!
It DOES Taste Good!
Spotted on Shelves...

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips, Cheddar - OK, we're pretty picky in terms of stats when it comes to chips. Anything with more fat and calories than light baked ones or Popchips better bring something special to the table. The latest flavor in FSTG's line SO does. It's made with nutritious stuff like oat fiber, flax seeds, brown rice, quinoa, and REAL CHEESE. A 1-oz. serving (about 10 chips) has 140 calories, 7g fat, 135mg sodium, 17g carbs, 3g fiber, 1g sugars, and 3g protein (POINTS® value 3*). Click here to locate or order online. Caution: May be habit-forming!

Planters Flavor Grove Skinless Almonds and Cashews - Why no skin? We're not exactly sure. Regardless, these taste good. The naked almonds come in Chili Lime, Sea Salt & Olive Oil, and Cracked Pepper with Onion & Garlic. The cashews come in Chipotle (yum!) and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper. Each 1-oz. serving (about 21 - 27 pieces) has 160 - 170 calories, 13 - 15g fat, 135 - 190mg sodium, 5 - 9g carbs, 1 - 3g fiber, 1 - 2g sugars, and 5 - 6g protein (POINTS® value 4*). Pretty awesome, Planters!

Veg-All Steam Supreme All Natural Vegetables - We've grown up on Veg-All, and it's nice to see familiar products following us into the 21st century. These steamer bags are a super-easy way to get more vegetables into your life. Grab the Original Mixed Vegetables, Peas & Carrots, Winter Blend, Summer Blend, or the Broccoli Florets, Cauliflower, Whole Baby Carrots variety. A serving of 2/3 - 1 cup has 25 - 60 calories, 0g fat, 5 - 25mg sodium, 4 - 11g carbs, 1 - 4g fiber, 1 - 4g sugars, and 1 - 3g protein (POINTS® value 0 - 1*). Also check out the saucy Steam Supreme veggie options -- with Ginger Soy or 3-Cheese sauce. Yay!
Bitty Bites!

Coming Soon to a Menu Near YOU... CALORIE COUNTS!
They've been popping up all over the place: in NYC, in California... And now they're going nationwide. You may not have heard, with all the hubbub about health insurance, but the recently passed health care legislation has laid down a new food-related law: As early as next year, ALL CHAIN RESTAURANTS with 20+ locations will be required to display calorie counts on menus and drive-thru boards. Plus, stats on vending-machine goodies will need to be displayed. WHOA. No more feigning ignorance, people -- the truth will be looking you in the face when you pick your food items. We're THRILLED that people countrywide will soon be able to make more informed decisions about what they eat. Way to go, USA!

What's in YOUR Freezer? FREE Stuff!
Cedarlane Natural Foods is best known for making delicious frozen foods -- lots of them meatless, many organic, and loads of them guilt-free. Well, the brand could soon become your favorite food company EVER. Enter the "Stock Your Freezer for Free" giveaway, and you could score A YEAR'S WORTH of free goodies, from entrées to snacks to breakfast stuff! (Don't worry... it'll be delivered in monthly batches, not unloaded all at once!) Plus, a bunch of runners-up will get stocked for up to six months. The contest is open until May 19th, and you can enter as often as once per day. So get in on the action while you can. Who couldn't use an icebox packed with AMAZING food? Go for it, people!

Daily Workouts or Weight Gain?!
So, a new large-scale study (no pun intended!) released by the American Medical Association indicates that women should do an hour of moderate exercise every day... just to MAINTAIN their weight. Whoa. What? Sporadic exercisers need not panic. This study only regulated activity levels and didn't alter the subjects' eating habits over time. Calorie balance (consuming no more than you burn) TOTALLY counts. Plus, "moderate activity" includes things like casual biking, brisk walking, playing with your kids (or pets!), etc. This makes us feel SOOO much better! Wanna know how many calories you're burning? Get your hands on a Bodybugg. THE THING ROCKS!
Serving Size Surprise!
Serving Size Surprise!
The Buzz...

ATTENTION GRANOLA CHEWERS!!! What is going on with Special K Low Fat Granola? The serving size has mysteriously downshifted from 3/4 cup to 1/2 cup... and yet the stats have remained the same. Hmmm... THAT is scary and doesn't feel good. ***The hot topic in food news right now is a new study that indicates junk food could be as addictive for some as nicotine or drugs. Excessive consumption of high-calorie foods triggered addiction-like behavior in test rats, which may give us humans some clues on how to deal with obesity and overeating. Crazy stuff. ***Hungry Girl 1-2-3 Update! Our latest & greatest cookbook is on shelves and ROCKS immensely! The wildly enjoyable book-signing extravaganza -- packed with prizes and free snacks -- rolls on this week with events in Southern California. Click here for event details! Click HERE to see photos of all the recipes in the new book. And tune in to see Lisa on Rachael Ray this Wednesday, 4/7! ***Gluten-avoiding fans of Chinese food, get excited! P.F. Chang's recently expanded its already impressive Gluten Free menu -- it now includes a bunch of beef entrées. And even better, many of the no-gluten choices are guilt-free, as well. Check out the stats, but take note of the "servings per dish" category: That's right, the nutritionals for these family-style meals are per serving. ***What's coming up this week from HG? Glad you asked! (Let's just pretend you did, OK?) We've got an all-new fast-food swap (prepare to "have it your way!"), an Olive Garden Survival Guide (we're branching out), and MORE. Can we get a woohoo?! That's all we've got. HG out!
April is National BLT Sandwich Month. Click for our latest favorite way to celebrate -- it's a tad unconventional but SOOO GOOD!
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