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Hungry Girl,

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new book, HG 1-2-3! Where can I find the Weight Watchers POINTS® values for the recipes? And do you have a favorite recipe in the book?

Constantly Counting
Dear Counting,

Thank you! I'm so glad you LOVE Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet. It really is a GREAT book... and I'm not just saying that! The POINTS® values* for ALL the recipes in the book (as well as those in the other books) can be found at There you'll find a mini site for each book featuring the POINTS® value* and a photo of every single recipe! Here's a direct link to the HG 1-2-3 mini site. As for my favorite recipe? That's hard. I love SO many! Here are just a few of my faves...

Backyard BBQ Beef Cups - The first time we made these, I almost passed out when I tasted them (in a good way)! They'll WOW everyone, yet you only need four ingredients to make them. They're also great when made with lean ground turkey or soy crumbles in place of the beef.

Cinnamon French Toast Bowl-a-rama - Okay, if you love HG "egg mug" recipes, you'll FREAK when you try French toast in a mug! Easy and delicious...

Honey Mustard Pretzel-Coated Chicken Fingers - The name pretty much says it all! This dish is sweet 'n satisfying. Kids LOVE it, too. In fact, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love this (except maybe vegetarians)!


Dear HG,

I once heard you say that you had high cholesterol. I was shocked but then found out I have it, too. I am not overweight, and I exercise and eat lots of healthy foods with fiber. Any tips for me?

Cholesterol Concerned
Dear Concerned,

OK, while this isn't my area of expertise, I HAVE to share a recent experience of mine. (Sorry to get all serious on you!) Like you, I'm at a healthy weight and exercise regularly (4 - 6 times a week for 40 - 60 minutes at a time). I also eat lots of good-for-you, high-fiber foods and do ALL the standard things that experts recommend to lower cholesterol. But until recently, my numbers were still elevated. Well, a few months ago, someone told me I should try taking Benecol Smart Chews. These little caramel-flavored things (20 calories each) taste like candy and contain an ingredient called "plant stanol esters," which is said to lower cholesterol. Without making ANY other changes, I started taking them twice a day (they're delicious, BTW), and my total cholesterol dropped by 35 points to a normal level. And my "bad" cholesterol dropped 40 points! Again, adding these chews to my diet is the ONLY change I made. I'm NOT a doctor, a dietitian, or a nutritionist; I'm just a normal human who's had a very positive experience with this one product. And I am THRILLED to share this info, in case there are others out there like me who haven't had success with other methods of lowering cholesterol. This is not an area I typically touch on, and this is IN NO WAY an advertisement for Benecol. But when I saw your question, I really wanted to tell you (and the rest of the world!) about what happened with me... I am SOOO psyched about it. If anyone out there tries it, please let me know how it works out!!!

Today, April 14th, is World Grits Day. Celebrate with this adorably named and delicious-tasting recipe: Shrimp & Grits... for Hungry Chicks!
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