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Hungry Girl,

I am looking for the lemon cream pie recipe that was in an email I received from you back in late May. Do you know what I am referring to and why I can't find it on the website?

Cream Pie Craver
Dear Cream Pie Craver,

YES! And I'm here to bring it to you and tell you why you can't find it. That recipe was developed for and ran in one of our "Side Dish" sponsored emails; those particular emails aren't archived on the HG site. Once they're sent out, you need to keep a copy in your inbox... otherwise, they'll be gone from your life forever. But wait; dry those tears! I'm going to share the recipe with you here and now...

HG's Upside-Down Lemon Cream Pie for One
PER SERVING (entire recipe): 120 calories, 1.5g fat, 245mg sodium, 25g carbs, 0g fiber, 4g sugars, 1.5g protein -- PointsPlus® value 3*

One 60-calorie sugar-free vanilla pudding snack (like the kind by Jell-O)
2 packets True Lemon (or 1 tbsp. lemon juice)
1/4 cup Cool Whip Free, divided
1/2 sheet (2 crackers) low-fat honey graham crackers, crushed

Place pudding, True Lemon (or lemon juice), and 2 tbsp. Cool Whip in a small bowl. Mix well. Top with remaining 2 tbsp. Cool Whip and crushed graham crackers. Tada!


Enjoy! But next time a "Side Dish" email contains an exclusive recipe you love, save it, 'cuz it's not going to be on the HG site, okay?!


I have developed a love for Chinese food. I've heard it is REALLY fattening, though. Is this true?

Wokin' Out in Wyoming
Dear Wokin' Out,

Here's the deal with Chinese food. It can be a GREAT guilt-free option or it can be CRAZY high in calories. If you don't pay close attention to what you order, you could easily take in over 2,000 calories in one meal! Why? Mysterious sugary sauces, lots of unnecessary oil, fried noodles, too much white rice -- all of these things add up. The key is to carefully choose your meal. I always start with some soup. Egg drop and hot & sour soups are both very reasonable in the stats department; typically, those clock in with under 100 calories per cup. And starting a meal with one of those is a good idea, since soup is so filling. Next, I pick a protein 'n veggie dish that I LOVE -- but instead of ordering it as is, I ask for it STEAMED with sauce on the side. I typically get my own special meal that consists of steamed chicken, shrimp, snow peas, broccoli, water chestnuts, etc. (If you don't like chicken or shrimp, try tofu, scallops... even beef.) Then I ask for some brown sauce on the side -- and use it sparingly -- or just use a little soy sauce. I always go crazy with the steamed veggies and ditch the rice. (If you want rice, go for brown, and watch those portions.) If you do it right, you can eat a HUUUUGE plate of Chinese food for SO few calories. But again, slip up and it could very well be disastrous. Here are some shockers for you, so you know what to avoid. And watch out, because an order of any of these typically contains MANY servings...

An average serving of Egg Foo Young has nearly 600 calories and 40g fat!!! (Pssst... Our swap has fewer than 300 cals and only 2g fat.)

Even a 1-cup serving of fried rice packs in close to 400 calories and 13g fat on average. And you're usually eating that WITH something else! Click for an alternative...

Expect to take in 500 calories and 26g fat for one average portion of Kung Pao Chicken... NO SIDES or RICE! (Yeah, we've got a good swap!)

Happy chewing!!!!

Today, June 23rd, is National Pecan Sandies Day. We recommend crushing up half a pack of Keebler 100 Calorie Right Bites Sandies Shortbread cookies, and then sprinkling the cookie crumbs over a half cup of Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Light Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Mmmmmm!!!  
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