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Dear HG,

What are some of your favorite warm-weather on-the-go snacks? You know, stuff that won't melt...

Summer Snacker
Dear Summer Snacker,

Good Q. There's little worse than reaching into your bag to find a totally mushy, sticky, heat-ruined, inedible snack. That's why I always keep a stash of emergency snacks that can withstand hot weather with me during summer months. Some of my favorite items include freeze-dried fruit (like Funky Monkey snacks), Fuji apples, oranges (with napkins!), jerky (I LOVE Silver Creek Simply Snackin gourmet dried meat snacks in fruity flavors and Tasty Eats Soy Jerky in Hot 'N Spicy!), Quaker Quakes, and 100-calorie packs of almonds. The stuff I skip this season? Gooey snack bars, anything coated in chocolate, soft fruits, and anything else that tends to melt quickly or can easily be squished. It's also a good idea to keep your snacks in a cooler this time of year, even if they don't necessarily need to be kept chilled. (Better safe than sorry!) Click here for a HUGE list of treats that travel well when it's hot out. Have a safe and happy summer!!!  

Dear Hungry Girl,

Hi! I've seen you on TV shows like Rachael Ray and The Doctors, and I really enjoy your segments! I heard that you are starting your own TV show soon -- CONGRATS! Is there a place I can watch clips from the shows you've been on and/or any other Hungry Girl videos in the meantime? And can you tell me more about the show?

Hungry for More HG
Dear Hungry for More,

I'm so glad you like seeing HG on TV, and thank you for the congratulations! I am VERY excited about the new show! To answer your first Q, you can watch a SLEW of HG videos right on the HG website. We have a new video section called Hungryvision -- it can be found at -- that has DOZENS of clips, including my TV appearances, some fun stuff featuring the staff, one particularly EMBARRASSING clip, a few recipe demos, some footage from live events, and more. There are a bunch of different channels to choose from -- you can find the TV segments on the "HG on TV" channel. Check 'em out! As for the Hungry Girl show, it'll be on Cooking Channel, the brand-new and very cool network from the same people who bring you Food Network. The show will start airing in January of next year. (It'll be here before you know it!) The show will include TONS of different HG features: recipes, secret food finds, shockers, supermarket trips, survival strategies, and more! Keep reading your HG emails to find out how YOU can get involved in helping to shape the show. Thanks for your email! 

Today, July 7th, is National Macaroni Day. Yay!!! Celebrate with our very own Too-EZ Mac 'n Cheese. Just GUESS how easy it is...
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