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Heading to the carb-tastic haven known as Panera Bread? There IS hope of eating there without consuming a bazillion calories... and without depriving yourself of delicious food. Keep reading for our brand-spankin'-new Panera Bread Survival Guide!   
Breakfasts 'n Bagels

SMART! Breakfast Power Sandwich
PER SERVING (1 sandwich): 340 calories, 15g fat, 820mg sodium, 31g carbs, 4g fiber, 2g sugars, 23g protein -- PointsPlus® value 9*

Here we have ham, cheese, and eggs on hearty whole-grain bread. Definitely a decent option if you're after a high-protein, fiber-ific breakfast. Skipping the cheese will get you down to 250 calories and 7g fat. Nice!

SHOCKER! Spinach & Artichoke Baked Egg Soufflé
PER SERVING (1 soufflé): 540 calories, 34g fat, 910mg sodium, 39g carbs, 2g fiber, 9g sugars, 19g protein -- PointsPlus® value 14*

Even though this egg dish name-drops veggies in its title, it's loaded with FOUR different cheeses and croissant dough! BTW, every soufflé offered has more than 450 calories and about 30g fat.

SMART! Plain Bagel
PER SERVING (1 bagel): 290 calories, 1.5g fat, 460mg sodium, 59g carbs, 2g fiber, 3g sugars, 10g protein -- PointsPlus® value 8*

Sometimes you just need a bagel. And while we often go for the high-fiber option, you should know that the Whole Grain Bagel has significantly more calories than this plain one; it has 340 calories, 2.5g fat, and 6g fiber (PointsPlus® value 9*). For cream cheese, we recommend an ounce of the Reduced Fat Veggie spread, which will add 45 calories, 4.5g fat, and 0.5g fiber (PointsPlus® value 1*). Plain Bagel + Reduced Fat Veggie = your lightest bagel/cream cheese option at Panera!

SHOCKER! Sweet Onion & Poppyseed Bagel
PER SERVING (1 bagel): 390 calories, 7g fat, 520mg sodium, 72g carbs, 4g fiber, 7g sugars, 13g protein -- PointsPlus® value 10*

Beware of this bagel, people! You expect options like the Cinnamon Crunch to be fattening, but an ONION bagel? Pretty sneaky.

HG Tip! Whichever bagel you opt for, you can save LOTS of calories and carbs by scooping out most of the doughy middle.

SMART! Low-Fat Soups
PER SERVING (1 bowl): 110 - 190 calories, 3.5 - 6g fat, 1,110 - 1,590mg sodium, 10 - 29g carbs, 0 - 6g fiber, 1 - 8g sugars, 5 - 10g protein -- PointsPlus® value 2 - 5*

Not only do these people have a slew of safe soup options, but many of the light offerings are also well labeled. (We hate guessing.) Choose from Low-Fat Chicken Noodle, Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean, and the Garden Vegetable with Pesto. With the last one, you can save 30 calories and 3g fat by forgoing the pesto. The rest of the soups? We're ignoring them...

HG Tip! Avoid the sourdough bread bowls when ordering soup. There's an alarming 590 calories in each of those... and that's BEFORE you add any soup!

HG Heads-Up! Sodium counters might want to avoid these soups altogether.
Sweets 'n Sips

SMART! Strawberries & Cream Mini Scone
PER SERVING (1 scone): 140 calories, 7g fat, 260mg sodium, 19g carbs, 0g fiber, 9g sugars, 2g protein -- PointsPlus® value 4*

For a quick sweet fix, something with "mini" in its name is a good start. This fruity find is definitely on the low end of the calorie spectrum.

SHOCKER? Pecan Roll
PER SERVING (1 roll): 740 calories, 39g fat, 320mg sodium, 89g carbs, 5g fiber, 50g sugars, 11g protein -- PointsPlus® value 20*

Alright, it's probably shocking to no one that a nutty, sugary pastry is high in calories, but we had to call it out anyway. Why? Because it's SERIOUSLY bad news!

SHOCKER! Frozen Caramel
PER SERVING (1 Grande-sized drink, 16.5 oz.): 590 calories, 23g fat, 170mg sodium, 102g carbs, 0g fiber, 77g sugars, 5g protein -- PointsPlus® value 17*

Augh. More calories and fat than a Chocolate Fudge Brownie. By a LOT. What's the point?

HG Heads-Up!
Mix 'n match your perfect meal with Panera's handy-dandy Nutrition Calculator. SO HELPFUL!
Friday, August 6th, is National Root Beer Float Day! Grab some diet root beer and fat-free vanilla ice cream and make a traditional float... or if you have Hungry Girl Happy Hour (and are of age to sip cocktails), mix up a Rockin' Root Beer Float Cocktail!
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