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Hi HG,

Big fan here! I'm on a budget these days, and it seems like eating right is always more expensive than grabbing junk food. Can you give me some budget-friendly ideas for eating guilt-free? Thank you!!!

Seeking Savings
Dear Seeking,

I TOTALLY understand your frustration. I get tons of emails with complaints about the price of guilt-free foods. Here are some cash-saving tips for you:

Produce, Poultry, and More - Hit the freezer aisle. You'll be amazed at the wide variety and low prices of frozen produce and basic lean protein. Stock up on them. BTW, you don't even have to defrost those chilly berries -- I eat frozen fruit straight from the bag and use it in smoothies, too! Also, look for local farmers' markets -- you can often find inexpensive produce that's even fresher than what you'll find at the supermarket. Click here to seek out farmers' markets in your area. One more thing -- buy produce that's in season; you can save a lot that way. Click here to see what's in season! 

Specialty Treats - No doubt about it, low-calorie/low-fat snacks are often expensive. Try this little tip to save cash: Avoid the single-serving, portion-controlled craze -- those products are always more expensive than the originals. Just break down a giant bag of popcorn or chips into single servings as soon as you get home. Need an added bonus? There are usually more flavor options in the original sizes than there are in the smaller single-serving packs. Another idea is to look for generic versions of those treats -- many supermarket chains have their own 100-calorie packs, light salad dressings, high-fiber chewy bars, etc. And go for bulk! Once you know you like a product, you can save by purchasing it in large amounts, either online (at sites like Amazon Grocery) or at stores like Costco and Sam's Club.

Hunt for Deals - This may sound cliché, but paying attention to specials and clipping coupons are excellent ways to save a bunch of money on food. Look for sales on items nearing their expiration dates. (Just be sure to consume the stuff before it goes bad!) Online coupons are also HUGE right now -- check out websites like and for deals on your favorite items. Do it! Hope this helps. Happy chewing...

Dear *HG Readers,*

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Thank you, HGers! You guys are the best!

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