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Hi Hungry Girl!

I love your videos! It's so cool to see you in action at the HG headquarters, especially in the live Ustream events where we can interact with you. Will you be doing more videos soon? And when is the Hungry Girl TV show coming?

iWant My MmmmTV
Hi MmmmTV!

I'm so happy you enjoy the videos and Ustream events... They're really a lot of fun for me, too! We'll actually be doing another live event next Tuesday, September 21st. It'll be sponsored by one of our favorite food companies. Keep checking the HG Facebook page for updates, and look for the video in an upcoming Side Dish email. BTW, you can see all the HG videos -- including recipe demos, TV appearances, and sponsored videos -- on our Hungryvision page. The latest one takes you behind the scenes at a St. Louis Cardinals game where I threw out the first pitch! As for the show, it'll begin airing in January on Cooking Channel, a fantastic new station from the creators of Food Network. (Make sure you get the channel!!!) I'm actually working on the show RIGHT NOW, and I cannot believe how exciting, informative, and fun it is. I truly think you, the HG subscribers, will L.O.V.E. it! Stay tuned...

Hey HG,

So now that summer's officially over -- and all the crazy cookouts and food-filled, fun-in-the-sun parties have passed -- it's time for me to get back on track with my diet and exercise. Pleeeeeeease tell me you have some advice for me. I seriously do not know where to start. HELP!

No-Nonsense Nancy

Hi Nancy,

I think a lot of people can relate to your situation. And although it can be tough to get back on track, it's definitely not impossible. Here are some tips & tricks that I think will help tremendously...

You don't have to go "on a diet." While diet plans can be helpful, they aren't always the best approach. If you think of yourself as being "on a diet," your ideas about food could become too black and white. A little setback could lead you to decide you're "off your diet," and then it's easy to slide back into old habits. Think of your new eating plan as more of a lifestyle change -- one that will have ups and downs, with good days and bad.

Keep track of what you eat. Write it down. As dorky as it sounds, you WILL 100 percent without a doubt make better choices if you hold yourself accountable for what you eat by keeping a food journal. Just do it -- even if you only write in it every OTHER day.

Get exercise with activities you enjoy. I used to HATE exercising. I feared it. Now I exercise but only do what I like: I walk on a treadmill five times a week (while watching reality TV!) and weight train twice a week with a friend. If I really want to push myself, I do some high-intensity Pilates. Choose an exercise routine you actually enjoy doing, otherwise you'll probably just end up ditching it completely.

Drink lots of water. Water is good for you. It's good for your skin and your metabolism. And it helps fill you up. Plus, not getting enough water can make you cranky and more likely to make bad food choices.

Live one day (or even one MEAL) at a time. Don't be discouraged and beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon and eat badly -- just be aware and make better decisions at your next meal.

Good luck!

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