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Hungry Girl,

Do you have any recommendations for quick high-protein snacks? Something other than protein bars and nuts, as I already eat a lot of them. Thanks!

Protein Queen

Hi 'tein Queen,

I love this question because I am a BIG fan of high-protein snack foods. They fill me up way more than starchy/carby stuff like chips and pretzels. And there are MANY delicious, guilt-free, protein-packed snack options out there besides nuts and protein bars. Here are some of my favorites...

Salsa-fied Tuna on Rice Cakes - This is an awesome new snack I've been whipping up lately. Just drain some albacore tuna packed in water, mix it with salsa, and pile it on top of rice cakes. SO GOOD, and there are around 14g protein in every 70-calorie, 1/4-cup serving of the tuna itself.

Mini Babybel Light Cheese or Light String Cheese - These are great when you're in a hurry and want to grab something fast. You get 6g protein (or more) for 50 - 60 calories. I like to keep a couple of the Babybels in my purse for emergencies. (But don't keep 'em out of the fridge for too long!)

Lean Turkey Slices - This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy protein. I like to wrap slices around pickles (in all shapes and sizes!) or just eat 'em straight. If sodium's a concern, look for low-salt deli slices -- or cook some lean turkey breast and thinly slice it yourself. Each ounce of turkey has about 40 calories and 8g protein. FANTASTIC!

Jerky (Beef, Chicken, Soy, etc.) - Here's another great on-the-go option. I really like Healthy Snackin's Simply Snackin Dried Gourmet Meat Snacks, Tasty Eats Soy Jerky (avoid the chicken flavors... the other flavors are way better), Jack Link's Premium Cuts Chicken Nuggets, and Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky. (Click on the links for the stats!)

Fat-Free Cottage Cheese or Fat-Free Greek Yogurt - This stuff is really delicious when you doctor it up right. A half-cup of either of has 60 - 80 cals and 10 - 14g protein. I like to add things like no-calorie sweetener, a drop or two of vanilla extract, fruit (fresh or freeze-dried), and a little bit of high-fiber cereal for crunch. P.S. The best Greek yogurt is, hands down, Fage Total 0%. Love it! 

Now you have LOTS of protein choices besides nuts and snack bars. Enjoy!

Dear HG,

I read your emails daily and I love them. You tend to talk a lot about Tofu Shirataki noodles. I have to admit, the word "tofu" scares me. If I were to cook just one recipe with Tofu Shirataki noodles in it, what recipe do you think would be best for me? Remember, it's make it or break it!

Leery Lindz
Hi Lindz,

I completely understand your skepticism. A lot of people are wary of tofu, especially the kind that's mixed with something called shirataki and comes floating in a bag of liquid! But I promise you, House Foods Tofu Shirataki noodles are an AMAZING pasta swap... as long as you prepare them right. It's really important to rinse them, drain them, and dry them. Sure they're a little high maintenance, but they're totally worth it. I mean -- HELLO!? -- they have only 20 calories per serving!!! Click here for tons of tips on how to prepare and enjoy them. As for the ONE recipe that will win you over? It's definitely Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo 2.0. Why? Because Tofu Shirataki tastes best with creamy, cheesy sauces that coat the noodles really well. This recipe is so good, you may not believe it has only 99 calories. But it SO does! Try it and please tell me what you think. And if you're up for another Tofu Shirataki recipe, make the So Low Mein with Chicken... Mmmm!

Today, October 6th, is National Noodle Day. Could there BE a better day to give Tofu Shirataki a try?
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