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Hungry Girl Today: 05.23.08

Everyone knows Memorial Day weekend is the first unofficial weekend of
summer. And we’ve got summer secrets, supermarket must-haves, and
some important stuff you may have missed. Check it out! And BTW, there'll
be no News this Monday 'cuz of the holiday. But we'll be back on Tuesday
with a rockin' breakfast recipe!

Summer Staples and Snacking Secrets

Everything you need to kick off the summer season with a guilt-free bang!

H20 Alert! - Staying hydrated over the summer is key. It can keep you from
snacking when you're really just thirsty. If plain old H20 doesn't do it for you,
check out Metromint, Minute Maid Fruit Falls, Special K20 Protein Water, Hint
Water, Crystal Light On The Go, SoBe Lean, and Lipton Iced Tea To Go. But
watch out for over-caloried waters like Glacéau VitaminWater, SoBe Life
Water, and Snapple Antioxidant Water -- those each have 100 - 150 calories
per bottle (yikes!). When it comes to bottled water, reading labels is KEY.

Girl on Grill Action - Keep guilt-free grillables on hand for cookouts at home,
and feel free to take 'em along to a pal's BBQ, too (just bring enough to
share!). Go for Boca meatless burgers, Gardenburger veggie burgers, Amy’s
veggie burgers, fat-free or nearly fat-free hot dogs (like Hebrew National
97% Fat Free Beef Franks, Ball Park Fat Free Franks or Bun Size Smoked
White Turkey Franks, Yves Meatless Hot Dogs or Tofu Dogs, and Hoffy Extra
Lean Beef Franks), boneless skinless lean chicken breast, and seafood
(shrimp and scallops for skewers, and your favorite filets). Yum!

Fun with Frozen Fruit! - Keep grapes, blueberries, and other bite-sized fruit in
the freezer for an all-natural, guilt-free sweet treat that takes a while to eat
AND cools you off. We also like frozen mango chunks and peach slices...

Ice Cream Aisle Checklist - Forget the ice cream man (who wants to chase a
truck anyway?!). Stock up on Breyers Double Churn Free fat-free ice cream,
Edy's/Dreyer's Slow Churned Light Ice Cream, No Sugar Added Fudgsicles,
Sugar Free Popsicles, The Skinny Cow Skinny Dippers, and low-fat ice cream
sandwiches (like the ones by The Skinny Cow, Weight Watchers, and Slim-a-

Fruit, Meet Grill! - Sweet fruit with groovy grill marks all over it makes us
giddy! Toss some pear, apple, plum and pineapple slices on the grill, or
skewer up chunks of the stuff (everyone loves food on a stick!).

Extra, Extra - Condiments and other meal toppers are KEY for good summer
food. Check out KC Masterpiece Classic Blend Barbeque Sauce (only 10
calories per serving -- click here to find it), HG's own Not-So-Secret BBQ
Sauce (37 calories for a huge serving!), Hellman's/Best Foods Dijonnaise,
Vivi's Original Sauce, giant lettuce and steamed cabbage leaves (you could
skip the bun altogether with these!), juicy tomato slices, and crunchy pickle


You may have completely missed these (some of 'em have been laying low
over at Yahoo! Food), and they're goldmines!

Summer Swappin' HG-Style! - Shockers and swaps for all your seasonal

Hungry Girl's MUST-HAVE Summer BBQ Survival Guide - Don't miss this too-
good guide to BBQs from last summer (Dos! Don'ts! Tips! Picks!).

Tailgating Takes a Guilt-Free Turn - HG trades tips with a true BBQ champ.
Plus, there's a crazy-good pork BBQ recipe here!

Beach Yums! HG's Guide to Guilt-Free Beach Snacks - Do NOT let your toes
hit the sand 'til you read this essential guide to packing the perfect snack-
filled beach bag.

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***Hey! Wanna see a clip of Lisa whipping up Caramel
Pumpkin Pudding Cupcakes on TV? Click here! You can find the recipe there,

Today, May 23rd, is National Taffy Day. Our favorite taffy EVER, Laffy Taffy,
has just around 30 calories per mini bar... Mmmmmmm!

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