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Hungry Girl Today: 06.20.08

Summer's here, people! And that means beach days (HOORAY!). But before
you head to the land of sand, check out our must-read Beach Survival Guide.
We've got every beachside craving covered!

When Carb Cravings Attack...

Avoid It! Whatever you do, stay far away from the funnel cake. That giant,
doughy, sugar-dusted treat contains around 760 calories and 44g fat
(POINTS® value 18*). Just say no to popcorn by the beach, as well. Those
kernels are typically drenched with butter and/or oil, or encrusted in sugary
coating. Even a so-called "small & plain" serving can pack in more than 575
calories and 35 fat grams (POINTS® value 14*). And a couple cups of
caramel corn with nuts contain around 450 calories and 9g fat (POINTS®
value 9*). Eeeks!

Enjoy It! If you need a starchy fix on the boardwalk, your best bet's a soft
pretzel. A small plain one (or half of a large one) has around 220 calories, 2g
fat, and 1g fiber (POINTS® value 4*). Then, if you like, cover it with guilt-
free condiments like mustard and relish -- or even ketchup (don't knock it 'til
you try it).

What to Munch for Lunch...

Don't Do It! Pizza may be a boardwalk staple, but even a plain slice typically
packs in serious calories and fat grams. Those wacky pizza places are
notorious for serving up the oiliest (and sometimes largest!) pizza slices
known to man (not an honor they should be proud of). Hot dogs, burgers,
steak sandwiches and other greasy grill options are also serious don'ts when
it comes to eating guilt-free while you're surfside.

Chomp Into It! Look for a place that serves salads, and then go for one
loaded with veggies and topped with lean protein, like grilled chicken, shrimp
or fish, or even beans (such as chickpeas or kidney beans). Then top it off
with a low-cal dressing. If the place doesn't offer light dressing, get creative
with vinegar, lemon juice, or salsa -- or just tote along your own single-
serving packets. Sandwich-cravers should seek out a Subway restaurant
location and go for their Fresh Fit subs. When ordered on Italian or wheat
bread, those six-inchers each have 230 - 370 calories, 3 - 6g fat, and 5 - 6g
fiber (POINTS® value 4 - 7*). Not bad!

Beat-the-Heat Sweet Treats...

Give It the Cold Shoulder! Okay, you don't need us to tell you to avoid
scoops of full-fat ice cream. But beware of Italian ice and slushie drinks --
they may seem innocent, yet they're basically shaved ice showered in
sugary syrup. Although they're fat-free, a 12-oz. serving can contain more
than 260 calories (POINTS® value 5*). And watch out for soft-serve ice
cream that isn't low-fat or fat-free. Full-fat soft-serve ice cream typically
contains more than 220 calories and 13g fat (POINTS® value 5*)... and
that's just for a 3-oz. serving! Even a small soft-serve ice cream can be a
hefty 10 ounces -- that's more than 730 calories and 42 fat grams (POINTS®
value 18*). Yowza!

Spoon It On In! Sorbet, fat-free or low-fat frozen yogurt, and low-fat ice
cream are your best bets at an ice cream shop. You can usually get a small
4-oz. serving for only 100 - 160 calories and 0 - 3g fat (POINTS® value 2 -
3*). But nutritionals definitely vary, so check out our Dining Out Ice Cream
Guide for the full 411! And if you're lucky enough to find a shaved ice shop
that offers sugar-free options, go for it! A 12-oz. sugar-free Italian ice has
only around 100 fat-free calories (POINTS® value 2*).

I Want Candy...

Lose It! Don't be fooled by fruity fakers. Caramel and candy apples typically
have at least 250 calories each, and the caramel ones often have as much as
5g fat each (POINTS® value 4 - 5*). And that's without any peanuts,
coconut, or other edible stick-ons -- factor that stuff in, and the nutritionals
get really nutty! Also watch out for sugar-free chocolate -- that stuff still
packs in lots of calories and fat. Just 5 small pieces (with no nuts, peanut
butter, etc.) contain around 170 calories and 13g fat (POINTS® value 4*). So
skip it (unless you're one of those people who can stick with a single piece).

Choose It! There are some awesome options at those can't-miss candy
stores by the beach. Taffy is low in fat and takes a looong time to eat -- a
half-ounce piece has only about 60 calories and a half-gram of fat (POINTS®
value 1*). Even cotton candy (while full of sugar) is somewhat guilt-free,
since it's so light and airy. A typical (and large) serving of that fluffy stuff has
just around 200 calories and no fat (POINTS® value 4*) -- share it with a
pal. Just don't tell your dentist!

HG's Ultimate Day-at-the-Beach Survival Strategy!

The absolute best way to keep a trip to the beach guilt-free is to pack the
perfect snack-filled beach bag! Check out "Beach Yums! HG's Guide to Guilt-
Free Beach Snacks" for our picks, tips, 'n tricks! Now have fun at the beach...

Crave Survival Guides for Every Occasion? Check out Hungry Girl: Recipes
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