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Hungry Girl Today: 07.07.08

Spotted on Shelves...

Kraft LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars - These bars are supposed to do all
sorts of good things for your digestive system, but aside from that, they
taste GREAT. Find 'em in Peanut Butter (awesome!), Blueberry Almond (with
surprisingly fantastic REAL blueberry flavor), and Chocolate Raspberry (not
quite as exciting). Each bar has 140 calories, 3 - 4.5g fat, and 4g fiber
(POINTS® value 2*).

Kraft On the Go Pouches of Reduced Fat Dressings - Kraft, you're two for two
this week! These new easy-to-store-in-your-purse-or-desk dressings are
AMAZING -- not because they taste good (which they do) but because
THEY'RE SO EASY TO PACK AND CARRY. Yay! Sold in multipacks, they come
in Light Balsamic Vinaigrette (25 calories, 1g fat -- POINTS® value 1*), Light
Zesty Italian (25 calories, 1.5g fat -- POINTS® value 1*), and Light Ranch
(60 calories, 4g fat -- POINTS® value 2*). Now you don't have to steal
dressing packets from your local diner or fast-food joint...

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae - Low-fat mint-
flavored ice cream, fudge, and mini chocolate chips sitting on a chocolate
cookie crust -- all for just 150 calories, 3g fat, and a POINTS® value of 3. A
must-chew for chocolate mint fans (we've heard good things!).

HOT, HOT, HOT Stuff!

OMG... these items are so new, you may not be able to get your paws
on 'em yet! But they're comin'!

New Flavors of Yoplait Light - Yoplait, we LOVE YOU and your creative &
innovative yogurty ways. So many FLAVORS... so little time! The latest in
their line of fat-free offerings -- CAKE FLAVORS. Yep! Keep an eye out for
Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Pineapple Upside Down
Cake. Only 110 calories per container (POINTS® value 2*).

Chex Mix Bars - OK world, hear this and hear it well -- these bars are so
good, your head may fall off when you eat them. We're not even sure what
that means, but you MUST look for them ASAP! They come in Chocolate
Chunk (Chocolate Chunks, Wheat & Corn Chex pieces, Pretzels) and Turtle
(Caramel-covered Corn Chex pieces, Wheat Chex pieces, Chocolate,
Peanuts and Pretzels). Each bar has 130 - 140 calories, 3 - 3.5g fat, and 2 -
4g fiber (POINTS® value 2 - 3*). SOOOO GOOOOD!

New Boca Veggie Patties - Two flavors of these meat-free patties are being
test-marketed -- Bruschetta Tomato Basil Parmesan and Savory Mushroom
Mozzarella. They're made with grains, rice, veggies, and more good stuff.
Each patty packs just 70 - 100 calories and 1.5 - 2.5g fat, plus 3.5 - 4g fiber
(POINTS® value 1*). We hear they are PHENOMENAL, so click here and
DEMAND that these new veggie offerings be shipped to your local market.
You're worth it!

HG News & Updates...

More HG updates... We are happy to announce that we have hit the half-
million mark! Hungry Girl now has over 500,000 subscribers!!!! The lucky
winners of a full year's supply of VitaTops will be announced soon. Also, if
you're loving the HG book, you'll be happy to know there's another one on
the way. Details are hush-hush right now, but our next book will be out in the
spring of '09. YAY!

Need more HG? Pick up this week's National Enquirer for a great story about
Hungry Girl (including some HOT guilt-free snack couples!). Plus, you can
find us regularly on Yahoo!, on, in the NY Daily News,
and in Seventeen magazine. And check out these two podcast interviews you
may have missed -- click here to hear HG chatting with Dr. Fitness and The
Fat Guy and here to hear her yapping with Max on Kid Power Radio. And
check out our MySpace page for more radio interviews, TV clips, and photos
of the too-cool HG HQ. Woohoo!

The Buzz...

If you avoid gluten because you need to, or simply because you THINK you
need to, you'll be thrilled to hear that all Crunchmaster and Mr. Krispers
crackers are now gluten-free. And if you're gluten-obsessed and love the
stuff, you'll be happy to know that it is still alive and well and in pretty much
all of your other favorite crunchy, carby snacks. ***Check out this video
made by MizFit -- she's a TOTALLY BUFF (and mighty popular!) blogger. Click
to see her suggested tips for working out while shopping at the market -- she
happens to be shopping for ingredients for an HG recipe, which we think is
pretty cool, too... ***Burger King is launching a new Kids Meal this month,
featuring BK Fresh Apple Fries (25 calories) with low-fat caramel dipping
sauce (35 calories). THIS is exciting news! BTW, the Apple Fries are actually
fresh apples sliced to look like fries. Here's hoping we don't have to order the
Kids Meal just to get our hands on those fruit fries... ***Next time you're
planning to hit up Whole Foods, check out the company's new "Value
Shopping Tips, Tours, and Top Sellers" -- it'll help you find deals and stretch
your food budget. VERY cool! ***Heads up, veggie eaters. In light of the
ongoing reports of salmonella poisoning, the government is expanding its
investigation to include other types of foods commonly consumed with
tomatoes (like lettuce, jalapeños, and cilantro). Additionally, the United Fresh
Produce Association is now calling for mandatory federal standards for fresh
produce. In the meantime, chew with caution. Click here for the latest. That's
all we've got. HG out!

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Today, July 7th, is National Strawberry Sundae Day. Slice up a few
strawberries, toss 'em on a scoop of low-fat ice cream, and then top it off
with Fat Free Reddi-wip and a few mini chocolate chips. There's your guilt-
free celebration right there, baby!

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