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Hungry Girl Today: 7.16.08


Dear Hungry Girl,

I eat Special K Red Berries cereal for breakfast every morning. The box says
it contains about eleven servings, but there is no way it contains eleven cups
of cereal (the serving size is one cup). I know because I always measure my
cereal with a measuring cup. Why does it say it contains so many servings?

Red Berries Alert

Dear Red Berries Alert,

Excellent question. And one that got me VERY curious. So I went to the store
to pick up a box and do some examining, and here's what I found. For
starters, my box of Special K Red Berries contained 360g of cereal, not 340g
like the box said. That's really not much of a difference at all, but I thought
I'd mention it. Then I did some SERIOUS weighing and measuring, and the
results weren't pretty. First of all, each serving is supposed to weigh 31
grams and measure out at one cup. I measured a cup of cereal and it
weighed 46g -- far from 31. In fact, 31 grams of that Special K Red Berries
cereal measured out to be about two-thirds of a cup. So my box of cereal
contained closer to eight 1-cup servings, or eleven 2/3-cup servings. Since I
was REALLY curious, I decided to break out every single box of cereal at the
HG HQ for some further investigation. While many had accurate stats, the
cereals with many components (like flakes, fruit, and clusters) typically
measured out to smaller serving sizes than the labels said. So what's
happening here? Well, it's possible that the flakes break into smaller pieces
when the boxes are shipped, making a cup of the cereal more compact. So
by the time a box gets to you, the weighed serving size could be smaller
than the original measured amount. Also, when a cereal has pieces in it with
different sizes and weights (like light flakes mixed with heavy granola
clusters), you could be getting more of the heavier items in your bowl, which
would throw off the weight and measurement. But let this be a lesson to all of
us... if you are super-careful about counting calories, carbs, POINTS®, etc.,
use a food scale. You don't need a fancy one -- just one that measures both
ounces and grams (click here for one I like a lot). Then weigh out the given
serving size (31g for that Red Berries cereal), and you'll have yourself one
true serving. In my case, if I decided to eat a full cup of that cereal (46g), I'd
be eating about 163 calories instead of 110. So when it comes to cereals,
snack mixes, etc., weigh AND measure them for a true serving size. Good
luck... and happy chewing!!!

Dear Hungry Girl,

How can I boost my metabolism? Please help!

Burn, Baby, Burn

Dear Burn, Baby, Burn,

A lot of factors that influence your metabolism can’t be changed -- a few of
those are age, genetics and gender (well, gender can be changed, but not
easily!). However, there are some things you can do to rev up your
metabolism. First of all, drink lots of water. Research suggests staying
hydrated speeds up your metabolic rate. And lack of water can slow your
metabolic rate. Exercise also gets your metabolism going. Cardio --
exercises that raise your heart rate to a target level, like jogging or
aerobics -- ups your metabolism for several hours following your workout.
And don't forget about flexing your muscles -- head to the weight room next
time you hit the gym. If you increase your lean muscle mass, you increase
your resting metabolic rate. That means you'll burn more calories throughout
the entire day... even while you sleep! Another tip is to eat often during the
day (just don't overdo it, of course!) -- frequent mini-meals keep your
metabolism at peak performance. As for eating specific foods to raise it?
Spicy foods, green tea, and high-protein foods are said to give your
metabolism a little (but not significant) boost. One more thing -- EAT
BREAKFAST! That will kick your metabolism into gear for the rest of the day.
P.S. The less you weigh, the slower your metabolism. (This doesn't include
metabolism-boosting factors like exercise.) Think about it -- the more weight
you carry, the harder your body has to work. So if you're heading toward a
weight-loss goal and hit a plateau, use these tips to get your metabolism
working faster for you (sure beats eating less!).

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