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Hungry Girl Today: 7.23.08


Hi, HG!

About those Jamba Juice breakfast smoothies -- I ordered a 12-oz. Berry
Topper thinking I was getting a low-calorie morning beverage. After all, I
didn't get the one with the peanut butter, and I ordered the smallest size. But
then I calculated the WW POINTS® value for that sucker, and I realized it
has a POINTS® value of 7* (360 calories and 8g fat!). What's the deal? It's
just a fruit smoothie. How can that be?

Jamba Shock

Dear Jamba Shock,

Here's the deal with Jamba Juice and most other national smoothie chains.
They typically provide all of their nutritional info online, so you should visit
their websites and do a little research BEFORE getting in line to order your
beverage. In store, Jamba also has pamphlets with some nutritional info plus
a big binder with complete nutritionals, in case you forget to look up the stats
online. But back to your question. Here are the main reasons I
think "commercial" smoothies are so high in calories (and sometimes fat!)...

1. Size - They're typically HUGE. A medium-sized smoothie can have more
than 30 ounces (too big!). Even if it's all blended fruit, no one needs five
servings of fruit at once.

2. Ingredients - They often have granola, peanut butter, yogurt, syrups, etc.,
added to the basic fruit base. In the case of your Berry Topper, the guilty
party is the GRANOLA. Just like fruit, granola is fine in moderation (as in,
mixing a spoonful or two into some fat-free yogurt). But adding granola to a
smoothie is an excellent way to add a SLEW of fat and a whole bunch of
calories to that drink.

3. Assumption - Often times these stores think you'll be replacing a full meal
with one of their smoothies. That's how they justify the high calorie and fat
counts. Sometimes these smoothies are marketed as meal replacements
(Jamba bills those smoothies as "breakfast meals"), but with all the options
that are available, it's easy to overlook that and just order the most
appealing flavor. And unfortunately, most of us drink smoothies as snacks,
NOT meals.

Jamba Juice does offer a line of "Light" smoothies that have reasonable
nutritionals. A 16-oz. Jamba Light (the smallest size offered) has 150 - 160
calories, 0 - 0.5g fat, 30 - 34g carbs, and 2 - 3g fiber (POINTS® value 2 -
3*). But to me, making smoothies at home is the only way to completely
control the ingredients and amounts and know exactly what you're getting
into. You can easily make a fantastic fruit smoothie for about 100 calories or
so and a POINTS® value of 1* (like our Too-Good Two-Berry Citrus
Smoothie!). When it comes to beverages with hundreds of calories, my
feeling is this -- why drink all those calories when you can chew 'em? They're
WAY more satisfying that way!

Dear HG,

Sometimes I forget to read one of your emails, or I accidentally delete it. Or
it ends up in my spam box. When that happens I get so upset! Is there a way
to get an HG email re-sent to me?

Don't Want to Miss HG

Dear Don't Want to Miss,

I have great news for you, and it's even better than us re-sending individual
emails when you miss 'em. Each and every email sent out by Hungry Girl
(aside from our Side Dish sponsored emails) is actually archived at Hungry- So if you ever accidentally lose track of an email, delete it, or if
one doesn't show up in your inbox for some reason, you can ALWAYS find it
at (yes, you need to use the hyphen!). When you get to our
homepage, you will always see a scrolling "ticker" up top next to the date
and the words "NEW TODAY". If you click on that ticker, you'll be linked to
that day's email (or the most recent one). The FIVE main "buttons" on the
homepage correspond to emails for each day of the week -- News (Monday),
Chew The Right Thing (Tuesday), Ask Hungry Girl (Wednesday), Weekly
Weigh-In (Thursday), and Girls Bite Out (Friday). If you click on any of
those, you will be taken to a list (archive) of all past emails in that category.
It's pretty simple once you know how it works. There is SOOOO much
information on the site, and it's all fully searchable by keyword. If you go to
the search bar on the top of the homepage (above the SIGN UP NOW
button), you can enter any word or phrase you are looking for. So, if you
ever need to find a misplaced email or want to see ones from before you
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Good News! The HG cookbook cannot be deleted or placed in your spam box,
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