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Hungry Girl Today: 9.10.08



PLEASE give us the scoop on why Dannon changed their Light & Fit yogurt to
have more grams of sugar and more calories. It also would be nice to know
if there's any hope that we'll ever get the old Dannon back!

Yogurty Sadness

Dear Yogurty Sadness,

WOW... I knew people were bummed about the change in Dannon Light & Fit,
but I had no idea just how unhappy everyone would be about it. Over the
past few weeks, we've received about 300 emails from people who are VERY
upset about this change. For those of you out of the yogurt loop, Dannon
Light & Fit was recently reformulated to have better taste and texture, and
the 6-oz. containers now contain several more grams of sugar and have 80
calories each (the old formula had 60 calories per container). To be honest, I
was initially happy about the reformulation, but I didn't fully understand all
sides of the story. I do think the new yogurt tastes a lot better, and taste is
the reason this change was made. But apparently, taste isn't a concern for
many of you who count sugars, care about the extra Weight Watchers Point
(the 6-oz. containers went from a POINTS® value of 1* to 2*), or enjoy
lower calorie yogurt (even if it is a little thin!). And I totally get that. The
bottom line is this -- the peeps at Dannon do NOT have any plans to bring
back the 6-oz. containers of Light & Fit yogurt with less sugar and only 60
calories. They do have a 60-calorie product out now (one flavor even has 50
cals), with only 7 - 8g sugars and a POINTS® value of 1* -- but the
containers are only 4 oz. each. That stuff is called Dannon Light & Fit 0%
Plus. It has 50% more fruit than the regular Light & Fit, and it tastes great!
But again, you only get 4 oz. for that same 60 calories. Anyhow, as of now,
the Dannon folks are sticking to their guns and saying there's no way they'll
be bringing back the 6-oz., 60-calorie stuff. But we know the squeaky wheel
gets the oil, so if you REALLY want that yogurt back, MAKE SOME NOISE,

Hey, Hungry Girl!

What did you eat today? With your busy schedule, I know you can't be in the
kitchen rolling everything in Fiber One all day! What does your average food
day look like?

Just Curious

Dear Just Curious,

What did I eat today? OK, I'll tell you... For breakfast, I had an FRS (click for
details) and a brand-new HG recipe I am working on for our second book (a
baked breakfast dish made with Egg Beaters, low-fat cheese, spinach, etc.,
and no bready items). Mid-morning I had an apple. At around 1:15 or so, I
had lunch, which was a spicy tuna roll from a local store here in LA called
Gelson's. (That place has the BEST spicy tuna on the planet, and I am a total
sushi SNOB. It's made with very little mayo, and not a lot of rice.) We're
testing recipes here later this afternoon, so I'll have a few bites of a pumpkin
pudding parfait and some faux-fried items. For dinner, I plan on having a
veggie-packed salad with lean protein. Here's a list of foods I eat a lot of on
a daily basis -- fresh fruit (lots of apples, grapes and pineapple), Egg Beaters
(scrambled with Laughing Cow Light cheese), high-fiber tortillas, salads, lean
meats, sushi and sashimi, fat-free yogurt (and other fat-free or low-fat
dairy), VitaTops, Pinkberry (or other tart frozen yogurt), and any and all HG
recipes that we're testing in our kitchen here. Every now and then, I also like
snacking on 100-calorie packs of almonds, Everybody's Nuts! pistachios, and
some sort of crunchy item (like Popchips, Quaker Mini Delights, etc.). Hope
that satisfied your curiosity. And by the way, there usually is SOMEONE in the
HG kitchen rolling stuff around in Fiber One almost daily...

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