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Hungry Girl Today: 9.17.08


Dear Hungry Girl,

About the HG Video Short that launched last week... I liked it, but to me, it
seemed like an ad. What is the story there? Was it an ad? Will all of your
video shorts be ads? I'd love to see more videos, but I'd like more
information and maybe even some cooking. This one was a little goofy.
Please explain!


Dear Video-Crazed,

I've been getting a LOT of feedback about HG's first video short, and I want
to clear up any confusion about it. That particular video WAS a paid ad,
which is why it included a message in it that read, "Sponsored by Yoplait
Light" -- I wanted to be completely up front about that. Here's the full scoop
on our first round of HG Video Shorts... We shot eight of them. A few are like
mini-commercials for things (e.g., the HG book), and others are more
informational. Some are sponsored, and some are not. The reason we
started making these short video segments is 'cuz we wanted to try out a fun
new way to deliver content. We're experimenting and taking into
consideration all the feedback from the HG subscribers. Overall, the
response to the first one has been great (thank you!!!). But there's also been
lots of constructive criticism -- which I love, because it helps me know how to
make changes when we shoot the next round of videos. In retrospect, we
probably shouldn't have launched our videos with the first one being an ad.
But I really am IN LOVE with the new Yoplait Light cake-flavored yogurts, so
I felt totally comfortable making that video. Please keep in mind, we never
promote any product, paid or not, unless we truly believe in it. We regularly
turn down money from potential advertisers when we don't like their
products, because we only want to expose you, the subscribers, to things we
think you'd love. As for the "goofiness" of the first video, HG is largely about
having fun, so the goal was to make the first round of videos cute, and even
a little campy, while still being informative. The first eight videos were made
with Jerry, my kooky pal you met in the first video, and they DO have a
wacky flavor to them. Thanks to your feedback, the next round will likely be
more straightforward and informative (and yes, less goofy). However, a big
portion of the HG audience LOVED the first video, so we'll have to walk a fine
line to make ALL our subscribers happy. I really appreciate the great
feedback all of you have sent so far (even from the person who pointed out
how short I am!). Your comments are extremely helpful, so please keep 'em
coming. And in case you missed the first video, CLICK HERE to see it! More

Dear HG,

I'm a freshman at college, and I'm really afraid of gaining the
infamous "Freshman 15". Because of my meal plan, I eat at the dining hall
for lunch and dinner. But since I have early morning classes, I usually have
to just eat something really quick in my dorm room for breakfast (or skip it
altogether). Do you have any tips or suggestions to help me avoid the "15"?

Fearin' the 15

Dear Fearin',

OK, I totally hear you! I know everyone talks about the Freshman 15 like it's
inevitable, but I think there are MANY things you can do to avoid gaining
weight in college. First, I want to address your specific question about eating
a quick breakfast in your dorm room early in the AM, or worse, skipping it
completely. Never skip breakfast! A little trick I like to use when I need to
wake up early is to split my breakfast up throughout the morning. If I eat my
entire breakfast super-early, I will be hungry for lunch before noon -- then
I'll end up eating an early dinner and craving snacks all throughout the
evening and into the night. I think you should keep your dorm room and
fridge stocked with great stuff you can eat in the room AND grab and take
with you. Some things I recommend are whole fruits (like oranges and
apples), fat-free yogurt, packets of instant oatmeal, little microwavable cups
of egg whites, and light string cheese. So wake up and grab a yogurt, nuke
up some egg whites, have an apple -- eat some sort of 200-calorie-or-so
breakfast. Then take a couple of 100-calorie snacks with you in case you get
hungry mid-morning -- this way, you won't wind up super-hungry before
lunch. Pace yourself throughout the day, and eat smaller meals. ALWAYS
have emergency snacks with you at all times. I think college students end up
gaining weight because they're usually busy and unprepared when hunger
hits, so they grab whatever food they can, whenever they can. Bad idea!
Other ways to avoid those fifteen extra lbs? WALK A LOT!!! Get that exercise
in. Make sure you schedule time to work out as often as you can (bonus --
exercise is a great stress-reliever, which is especially helpful during your first
year at college!). Avoid fast food (or choose it carefully!)... and don't make a
habit of late-night pizza-eating. I think ordering pizza after 10pm is the cause
of most college weight gain (this is just a theory, of course!). Want tips for
eating at the dining hall? Click here. And click here for HG's College Survival
Guide over at Yahoo! Food. Good luck to you!

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