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I grab breakfast on the go A LOT. Do you have any quick DOs and DON'Ts
for me as far as on-the-go breakfasts are concerned? Any solid fast-food
finds out there?

Breakfast Babe

Dear Breakfast Babe,

I've actually become quite a pro at breakfast on the go... And I do have
some fast-food favorites these days. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Egg White
Flatbread Sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts -- I'm bummed that we don't have
DD stores here in Los Angeles, because they have a LOT of great guilt-free
items. I still LOVE the Starbucks Spinach, Roasted Tomato, Feta & Egg Wrap
(even though we perfected our own version when Starbucks threatened to
pull it from the menu!). In fact, Starbucks has a SLEW of new b-fast items
that are really good (the full details are coming up TOMORROW in our brand-
new Starbucks Survival Guide!). Another grab 'n go staple for me is fat-free
yogurt and fruit. Convenience stores almost always have both around -- so I
grab a banana or apple and a Yoplait Light. As a protein fanatic, I seek out
easy, on-the-go egg options. So on days when I don't have time to scramble
my morning Egg Beaters, I'll grab hard-boiled eggs from a deli and toss the
yolks. Light string cheese is another great protein-packed choice you can
pick up -- it's usually in the fridge section at convenience stores. Stuff I avoid
at all costs? Anything from fast-food restaurants that contains sausage and
cheese, breakfast pastries, most muffins (there are a few exceptions, like
VitaTops), donuts, and greasy breakfast burritos/sandwiches. When it comes
to fast food, think outside the breakfast menu -- some of the best AM options
are actually on the "sides" menu. Wendy's has 80-calorie cups of mandarin
oranges and low-fat strawberry yogurt in on-the-go tubes, and McDonald's
has that Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait. Check out our recent McDonald's survival
guide for a few more finds. Another thing -- I'm not a big juice-drinker. I
personally don't think juice is worth the calories -- so I tend to grab whole
fruits instead. Hope this info is helpful. Happy chewing!

Hungry Girl,

My job requires that I entertain clients on a frequent basis, which generally
means lots of lunches and dinners out. It just isn't business-savvy for me to
order a salad and water, especially since my guests are often visiting from
other countries, and I want them to feel comfortable indulging in popular
American dishes and local specialties. Any tips for being a gracious host AND
staying on track?

Dining Out Diva

Dear Dining Out Diva,

Thanks for the email. The first thing I want to say is that there is a LOT of
ocean between "a salad and water" and those popular American dishes (the
super-indulgent ones). I agree that you don't want to order boring stuff while
encouraging the people you are dining with to order crazy-decadent dishes.
But there's no need to just get a salad and water, either. I go out for lunch
and dinner all the time, and there are plenty of other things to choose from
at most restaurants. Feel free to indulge in an appetizer, like shrimp cocktail
or a broth-based soup. For lunch or dinner, order a nice piece of chicken or
fish, grilled, with a side of veggies. Also, read menus carefully -- stick with
things that are served with tomato-based sauces or fruity salsas, as opposed
to cream sauces. And never apologize for or call attention to what you order.
Chances are, no one is noticing. Other tips... avoid the bread basket -- save
those calories for the actual meal. Every now and then, order something
indulgent -- just don't eat it all. (That light appetizer you ordered will help fill
you up!) In general, try to get sauces on the side, and avoid carb-heavy
things like pastas and rice -- calories add up FAST with that stuff. Check out
our Ultimate Dining Out Survival Guide for even more great advice. As for
drinks, if everyone's having cocktails and you want one too, order a glass of
wine or a mixed drink made with seltzer -- skip the oversized frozen
concoctions! Good luck!!!

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