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Hungry Girl Today: 10.06.08

Spotted on Shelves...

Lean Cuisine Multiserve Pizzas - Get this, pizza-lovers. Lean Cuisine now has
FULL-SIZED pizzas in four flavors -- BBQ-Recipe Chicken, Pepperoni, Four
Cheese, and Roasted Garlic Chicken. YUM! These pies are nearly 18 oz.
each, which is BIG. A serving (about 1/4th of a pie) has 270 - 280 calories,
7 - 8g fat, 37 - 42g carbs, 3g fiber, and 13 - 15g protein (POINTS® value 5 -
6*). A couple of things... 1. They're not available everywhere right now, but
you can click here to see if they're sold near you. (Pssst... they fall into the
Casual Eating category.) 2. If you have trouble with portion control,

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers - These shelf-stable meals feature a built-in
steaming technology, which ensures that your rice or pasta doesn't get all
soggy and gross. Cute! Available in Rotini & Zesty Marinara Sauce, Sesame
Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Szechwan Beef with Asian Style
Noodles, Ziti & Meat Sauce, and Southwestern Style Chicken. Each package
has 300 - 390 calories, 2.5 - 6g fat, 56 - 78g carbs, 3 - 8g fiber, and 10 - 15g
protein (POINTS® value 5 - 8*).

Sara Lee Bites, Caramel Cheesecake and Cookies 'n Creme Cheesecake -
Oooh, new flavors of those 20-calorie frozen cheesecake nuggets are here!
Enjoy five of 'em for around 100 calories, 5g fat, 10g carbs, 0g fiber, and 1g
protein (POINTS® value 2*). BTW, DO NOT eat the recommended serving
size of 24. AAAAAAH!

Mine, Mine, MINE!

The latest trend in food is PERSONALIZATION. Check it out...

Cereal - OMG, this is too cool. You can actually go to this website and create
your very own personalized cereal, choosing from over 40 all-natural
ingredients. Then you get to name it, have it shipped to your door... and
eventually CHEW IT! The best part is that you can watch the nutritional info
change as you build it. FANTASTIC!

Soda - Right now, at every Wal-Mart photo center in the US, you can make
your very own personalized bottles of Jones Soda. Upload your favorite pic,
type in a personalized message, and select your flavor (go for the Sugar-
Free Black Cherry!). Within a few weeks, your soda will be ready for pickup.
You can also upload pics and order online at Fun!

Bars & Shakes - Build a bar! Make a shake! Customize your stuff at using a SLEW of proteins, sweeteners, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.,
etc. Check it out! Heads up -- the calories on the bars can rack up pretty
quickly, so be careful. Luckily, your calorie count is displayed as you create
your snack.

Protein... Yes, It ROCKS!

We've been singing protein's praises FOREVER. But now studies show that
people who start their day with protein-packed breakfasts actually feel more
satisfied and are more likely to stay on track throughout the day. Click for
more on that. We're all about low-calorie, high-protein scrambles here at HG
(go, Egg Beaters!). Click here for our Ginormous Oven-Baked Omelette
recipe. And click HERE if you're interested in winning a Sunrise Surprise
Party (a fully catered brunch bash for 25) at your very own home, hosted by
Lisa, aka Hungry Girl herself. YEE-HAAAAAA!!!

The Buzz...

Looking for completely CALORIE-FREE cupcakes? Check out the brand-
new "Cupcake in Bloom" from 1-800-FLOWERS. It's a super-sized cupcake --
made entirely of white carnations and a brightly colored reusable container.
CUTE! But don't eat it... ***Here's something fun and fruity. Chiquita and
Fresh Express have launched the first-ever consumer rewards program for
fresh produce. What does that mean exactly? The "Fresh Funds: Healthy
Rewards for Healthy Living" program will reward you valuable points for
purchasing specially marked Chiquita and Fresh Express fruit and veggie
products. And those points can be used to bid on weekly auctions, obtain
rewards, and make charitable contributions. You can also win prizes. Fun!!!
***Eeeeeks! Do you eat fast food? Here's a completely scary video that
features 4-year-old fries and an equally old hamburger from McDonald's. You
won't BELIEVE what you see. CLICK to view it. ***Ready for Halloween?
Check out the new limited edition Clif Kid Organic ZBar in Spooky S'mores --
130 calories, 3.5g fat, 23g carbs, 3g fiber, and 2g protein (POINTS® value
2*). These kid-targeted bars are definitely for ANYONE who likes low-calorie,
delicious items (HG subscribers are obsessed with ZBars!) -- they're not just
for little ones, so keep an eye out for 'em! That's all we've got. HG out!

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Today, October 6th, is National Noodle Day. YEE-HAA! Check out these Tofu
Shirataki recipes, these noodle swaps and, of course, the special Fun with
Tofu Shirataki section of our famous cookbook!

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